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Get out your color wheel, and let’s figure out the best eyeshadow for your eye color! 

It’s no secret that eyeshadow can make or break your makeup look. In fact, knowing what eyeshadow works for you can accentuate the (arguably) most important feature on your face: the eyes. By knowing simple color theory, you can achieve that perfect eyeshadow look you’ve always dreamed of. Follow along to learn about the best eyeshadow colors to bring out your eyes! 

What’s the color wheel, and how can it help me pick my eyeshadow? 

 The color wheel is a popular tool used in visual art. The wheel allows artists to make their art more appealing to the eye, which can be applied to makeup too! Opposite colors on the wheel emphasize each other the most, meaning eyeshadow colors opposite your eye color will make your eyes more catching. You can find a simple color wheel here, or find a variety by looking up “color wheel” online. Now that you know your color wheel, let’s wheel into some eyeshadow tips! 

Green Eyes: 

Green sits across from red on the color wheel, meaning bright-red eyeshadow will be sure to make your green eyes pop. However, you don’t have to be as bold as bright red all the time. You can also use eyeshadows with reddish undertones such as maroon or sienna. Also, though purple isn’t directly across from green on the color wheel, it is also an optimal color to emphasize your eye color. In fact, many purples have reddish undertones as well, helping your green eyes to shine.  

Blue Eyes: 

On the color wheel, blue is across from orange, making it the go-to color for blue eyes. But like green, you don’t need a super bold orange look to make your blue eyes show. Try using a warm brown or peach to go for a more neutral, toned-down look (but one that won’t tone down your eyes). Black eyeshadow also works well for blue eyes because the lightness of the blue contrasts with the darkness of the black.  

Brown Eyes: 

Now, here’s some bad news for all you lovely, brown-eyed people, brown isn’t commonly found on the color wheel. But here’s the good news- because brown is a neutral color, it can go with almost anything! However, because many brown eyes are so dark, bright colors can really accentuate your irises. For example, gold works well with many brown eyes, as the bright, luminous shade brings out the depth in darker eyes. Also, purples work well with brown, as the brightness of purple brings attention to brown. 

Now that you know the basics of using the color wheel to find your optimum eyeshadow color, I encourage you to experiment! The best way of figuring out what works best for you is trying as many new looks as you can. Now, let’s get those eyes popping!

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