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Is Two Too Many?

If you haven’t already heard yet, The Bachelorette season 20 is going to feature two girls as the bachelorettes. The reaction at ‘After The Final Rose’ episode was very shocking and a little disturbing, which showed in the audience’s reactions, but not so much in Katilyn and Britt’s reactions.

Britt said with actual excitement in her voice, or maybe that’s just her voice, “It’s a great opportunity…I love Katilyn so we’ll see how it goes.” While Katilyn was agreeing with Britt, she blurted out that, “I think we discussed we’ll end up in the same hot tub at some point.” Umm…what is this show rated?

What is television coming to, two girls fighting over 25-30 guys nationally every week? The saddest part about it is that the two contestants are completely and totally okay with it, for now. The way it sounds so far, the group of guys will either chose Katilyn or Britt at the beginning of the show and I guess the producers will take it from there…?

The show hasn’t even started yet and there is already a #TeamBritt and #TeamKatilyn happening! This is awful. So now we are suppose to be rooting for one girl and not the other to fall in love? This show has turned into a game about finding love and a competition, which is down right disgraceful. Sometimes I even catch myself asking my friends who watch the show, “Who’s winning?” and then I feel bad instantly because asking who’s winning when it comes to love seems wrong.

Another argument my friend, Jill Dougherty, who watches the show religiously made was, “I’m just confused, and of course they chose to try out the whole two bachelor/bachelorette thing on a season with girls deciding. Its just feels wrong.”

She makes an excellent point, they would have two bachelorettes and only some will speak out about it and the season will most likely still go on. But, wait. If it were two bachelors, what would the media be doing about that? That season would probably get shut down so fast. Are women meant to cause drama but still go after the guy who has been dating or possibly hooking up with two girls at the same time? I don’t exactly know how this show is going to work, but it definitely raises questions about the morals and ethics of the basis of the show and its orginial purpose… finding true love?

Sean Lowe, former Bachelor who married his on screen sweet heart, Catherine Giudici spoke out about their thoughts as well. Sean made an article Three Reasons Why Having 2 Women on The Bachelorette Should Never Happen.

His reasons summed up here:

  1. It is degrading for women viewers and the two that took this role in the first place. Sean talks about how this is allowing the power to lie in the hands of the men once again, when The Bachelorette, emphasis on the –ette, should be focused on the woman making the decisions.
  2. His second reason is very interesting because he brings in facts about the show suffering during the bachelorette seasons more than the bachelor seasons. He even boldly claims it was, “designed to bring The Bachelorette out of a two season rating slump.”
  3. He also makes the point that the way the contestants for the show are chosen is by personality tests, and of course they even throw in some people just for dramatic purposes…(I knew it! – I’m sure most of you just said that). So how will they decide on men that fit both of these two very different personalities? I guess we will just have to wait and find out.

There are still so many questions lingering around because no one knows just yet how the show is exactly going to work. The anticipation is going to be killing us all until the first episode. I mean if we think about Sean’s second reason about getting the ratings up, I predict the first episode of this show will have ratings through the roof because everyone is interested to see the outcome. But probably won’t follow through until the end…because come on it’s The Bachelorette.

The show might be losing a lot of fans before the season even starts, but they will definitely be drawing in a curious crowd. The producers have a big job with this one. I’m sure we will all be waiting eagerly to see the outcome. In the meantime comment away and tell us what you think about The Bachelorette season 20.

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