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Binge-watching by my lonesome, while quite invigorating, compares nothing to what it’s like to fall down a deep, dark hole that is a new television show with my roommates.  

As my roomies and I cozy up on our couch, we sink into the depths of something so powerful that it draws us even closer. There is utter dedication and a fine sense of detail that comes with a proper binge-watch. Yes, this matter is quite serious and cannot be taken lightly, as it has brought a new sense of life to my girls and me. 

The Endless Debriefs  

As the credits begin to roll and our show comes to a pause, my roommates and I fail to retreat to the confines of our personal spaces. As three girls who already can’t keep their mouths shut, there is a what seems to be an endless debrief that comes with the end of a good episode. Even the mediocre ones can’t stop us from yapping away.  

Our thoughts are no longer lonesome and find themselves occupying one another’s.  

No way- did they just kill off our favorite character? Where will the story go next? And did this show actually just put this couple together… because they have like nooooo chemistry….  

I guess I’ll find out next week when I tune back into a must needed roomies debrief.  

We Are One in the Same  

Binge-watching relies on proximity. The closeness one needs to their television show on a solo journey of binge-watching is perfectly transferable to binge-watching with friends. The physical and emotional closeness of being together in this environment grew what I thought couldn’t be a closer friendship into an even more personal one.  

I learned about the multitude of shared customs my roommates and I have, which in turn taught me what seems to be everything I would ever need to know about them. Our love for the same components of a TV show, such as characters, plot twists, and relationships, connected us in a way I never thought possible. We essentially became one in the same, adopting each other’s mannerisms, emotional responses, and adoration for the same series. I was gifted two amazing biological brothers, but this experience has made me feel blessed to have two chosen sisters.  

Bonded for Life 

Television in itself is already a widely powerful form of media. It transforms a sometimes-mundane reality into a fantastical world that is easy to get lost in. It becomes a vast ocean to dive deep into when I want to escape the hardships of everyday life. And now, I get to experience this surreal moment with my roommates, who aren’t just the people I live with. They are my best friends and my family. A collective binge-watch has truly bonded us for what seems to be life. There is something about the power of TV that draws people closer together, and I am forever grateful for what our epic binge-watching has given us.   

Ciera Rybak

Temple '25

Hi, I'm Ciera! I'm a Junior at Temple studying Advertising and Communication Studies. I love to write all things opinion, absolutely love sushi (especially salmon rolls), and love spending time with my friends. I also adore cats and am always looking for new song recs. I am quite literally a nobody without my cat tote bag and my frequently tangled earbuds because I did in fact lose my airpods...