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The Importance of Learning Acceptable Fashion When Traveling 

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Traveling is a big part of what makes the world go round, whether it’s students studying abroad, family vacations, or a business trip around the world, people love to travel. What people do not love to do though, is to research where they are traveling to.  

I have encountered many individuals throughout my life who have flown across the world or are planning to travel in the future but do not know a single thing about where they are traveling. We often focus on the when and the where of our travel experiences as opposed to the who — those who live there.  

Most countries, and even some states within America, have very different standards on what type of fashion is acceptable and what is not. While someone in America might wear shorts and a tank top outside during the summertime, that would be deemed as immodest in some countries such as Uganda, Sudan, and Morocco.  

Other things like tattoos and piercings are much more acceptable in America than they would be in Japan or China, and some places might not allow entry if those things are showing. There are very few tattoo shops compared to the abundance of them you’d find in America, and it is evident within their culture. When looking more into European culture, some common American trends that would not fly there are athleisure, flip-flops, and sweatpants. These outfits may not be outwardly scrutinized if you are seen wearing them, but you are more than likely going to get a few dirty looks while walking on the streets.  

There is also a very different standard of professional clothing in different countries, such as business casual versus traditional cultural clothing. For example, in Bangladesh, you see women going to work in sarees or silks, which is uncommon in America, which focuses more on nice blouses, sweaters, pants, and dresses.  

Most of the time people traveling to another country in their spare time does not involve a search for a job, but knowing these different styles and outfits to look out for can help someone learn their way around while also not offending anyone with their choice of wardrobe.  

When entering a country that is not someone’s own, being respectful and learning what is and isn’t appropriate may not seem like a big deal, but to the people who live there, it could mean a world of difference when they see someone respecting their culture. 

I am a freshman journalism major and very interested in photography. I currently work as an assistant supervisor at Sesame Place for the photo department and I want to become a travel journalist.