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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour has become one of the biggest fashion events of the year!

Taylor Swift’s much anticipated Eras Tour kicked off last Saturday in Glendale, Arizona. Fans across the country traveled to Glendale – which was temporarily renamed “Swift City” in her honor to see the singer perform a 3-hour long setlist in a stadium of almost 70,000 attendees. To celebrate the occasion, fans went all out with their outfits. Many came dressed in different eras or songs to commemorate Swift’s career, while others replicated outfits Swift has worn herself on stage. Many have compared the singer’s tour to the Met Gala because of all the intricately detailed fashion moments. In order to fit into the chaos, we’ll be looking at a few Eras Tour outfit ideas that are simple enough to create, and if you were lucky enough to get tickets, wear to a show.

The most popular and perhaps simplest choice to go with would be to replicate one of Swift’s own outfits from a past tour or event. Luckily, a lot of her looks are fairly easy to re-create. For example, during her 1989 tour, Swift dawned a black sequined crop top with a blue metallic skirt. To make this outfit your own, all you would need is a cropped black top with straps that you can bedazzle yourself if needed— and a blue skirt that has a bit of flare.  

Add a pair of sunglasses and you’ll fit right into the 1989 era. If the 2017 album Reputation, is more your style, a sparkly black body suit is almost all you need. Any black pair of shorts with an attention-grabbing black top and black boots would make you look like you’re straight out of Swift’s Reputation stadium tour. On the flip side of that, Swift’s Lover album was a hodgepodge of multiple colors, often exemplifying that of a rainbow. 

During this era, Swift wore lots of pinks, blues, and rainbow themed outfits. This would be a very fun era to re-create, as you’d have lots of variety to choose from. A pink frilly jacket with sparkly jeans would be the perfect fit, or simply a brightly colored body suit. With 10 albums and consequently 10 eras, there are endless outfits to choose from when it comes to attending the Eras Tour. 

Whether you love the style of one era more than the other, Swift has been making music and iconic fashion statements for nearly 17 years. It’s impossible not to find an outfit you love and are able to make come to life yourself.  

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