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The Coffee Scene: A Guide to Temple’s Coffee Options

Temple’s campus may not have a Wawa, but it has lots of other coffee options. I have tried numerous of these coffee shops throughout my time on campus which honestly is not a lot from living at home all throughout my sophomore year. Coffee is what fuels me through being in the science field. This article will take you through my coffee experiences plus some more important information about each stop!

Let’s start with a basic one: Starbucks!

Price: $2.25-$5.95, $$ 

Quality: decent

Famous for: Refreshers, Pumpkin Spice Latte, long line

My order: Pink Drink or Flavored Cold brew

I will start by saying this is the Student Center Starbucks location and not the Morgan Hall Starbucks. It is kind of pricey just like every other Starbucks location, but they do take Diamond Dollars. The location is central campus and is close by to the food court, but there is constantly a huge line to order with a bunch of people waiting for their drinks.

Let’s do one of the most known places: Richie’s.

Price: $3.50, $

Quality: cheap.

Famous for: Richie the owner, cheap and quick coffee

My order: Iced Coffee with Vanilla

Richie’s is well known on campus for cheap and quick coffee… and of course Richie himself. It is very convenient to just grab and pay while running to class early in the morning. Once it gets to around 8:50am it gets super crowded and even the coffee line is long. If you ask around, most people are in one of three groups of people, they either love it,  hate it, or have never tried it when it comes to Richie’s. I find the coffee to taste cheap and not worth the money unless I am in a rush to get to class and there’s no line. However, I find the food to be worth the money, especially the breakfast wrap.

Now onto one that is usually forgotten: Java City.

Price: $1.89-$4.79, $$

Quality: Decent

Famous for: being in Tech/Welcome Center

My order: Iced Coffee with Vanilla

Java City is near and dear to my heart since this is the coffee that was sold in my high school lobby, it got me through AP Biology. This being said, I have not had a sip of their coffee since freshman year. It is in the lobby of the Welcome Center which you have to pass to get into the Tech Center which is convenient if you are going to the Tech Center, but not if you are going anywhere else. It does have a little cafe vibe since it has chairs and tables for people to sit and study while they drink their coffee or eat.

Saxbys, one of the loves of my life.

Price: $3.95-$5.25, $$

Quality: amazing 

Famous for: Iced Coffee/Cold Brew

My Order: Large Milk and Honey Cold Brew with Almond milk

I love Saxbys coffee, especially their cold brew. I find the quality to be worth the price. I go to the Liacouras Walk location and not the Fox School of Business location since I use mobile ordering. There is usually a line, especially right after classes let out, but with mobile ordering, you skip the line which is amazing and build up reward points. Saxbys also has a bunch of different drinks and food options along with a sitting area.

The other love of my life: Red Pretzel Hut.

Price: $3.00 for large iced, $

Quality: amazing

Famous for: pretzels, being by Beury Beach

My order: Large Iced Coffee with Milk and Sugar

I have just recently tried the red pretzel hut in between Tutteleman and the Bell Tower, but I am obsessed. The lady who runs it is quite nice and the coffee is amazing. I rarely see a line at the hut and if there is it is only two to three people long and goes quickly. The location is amazing since it is in the center of campus and near most of the academic buildings. Not to mention that the coffee is one of the cheaper options I’ve encountered that still tastes good.

Katy Schiela

Temple '23

I am a Biology major with a Public Health Minor on the premed track. I love music and have some on almost 24/7. I am an animal lover, especially dogs and cats. I have two family dogs and I have an axolotl.
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