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Temple’s First Female Talk Show? I’m in.

For a while, Temple must have forgotten that females are the future — so Tanjeen Twinkle and Jenna Song decided to help them remember.

Temple University juniors Tanjeen Twinkle and Jenna Song will host the university’s very first all-female talk show called “We Need to Talk.” The female-centric show covers entertainment, current trends, culture, relationships, health, things you do not want your parents knowing.

The first episode was filmed on Oct. 1 and is currently on YouTube. It is also scheduled to air on Comcast channel 50, Verizon channel 45 and templetv.net later on.

Twinkle always wondered why Temple didn’t have an all-girls talk show, and so she proposed the idea to Song about two years ago.

According to Twinkle, “one thing people know about me and Jenna is we are two polar opposite people – she’s the pessimistic one in the group, I’m the optimistic one… I am basically sweet she is basically spicy.”

Obviously, beginning your own club or organization at a huge school like Temple can be overwhelming, to the say the least. Through the doubts and fears, Twinkle persevered and brought the idea to Dr. Paul Gluck. With the help of Gluck, Twinkle and Song proceeded with their dreams of an all-female talk show.

When asked what their goal or mission for this show was, Twinkle and Song said this:

Song: For me, maybe this is another realistic way of thinking, but I want people to actually watch it… Let’s be honest, a lot of school shows, they don’t watch it. We just watch shows on Netflix instead of watching a school show. I want ‘We Need to Talk,’ for people to actually know what it is; I want people to watch it, not even the full episode but maybe parts of it.

Twinkle: I just want girls… I really want anyone to watch this show to relate to it, to talk about it with their friends, saying that it is a really cool show that is going on at Temple, I want guys and girls to relate to it… I want this show to be a fun show that goes on for a while. I want this show to keep on going, with whoever wants to be the next host, even after I leave Temple I want the show to keep going.

When asked to use one word to describe how they felt when preparing for the show or filming the show, they said this:

Song: Its very vibrant… sometimes it’s vibrant because there is so much happening. Sometimes it’s overwhelming vibrant, but most of the time it is exciting. We get to talk about all the things we wanted to talk about on the air. But sometimes, it can get very overwhelming, but going through that there is excitement in there, like when we solve our problems and we think this is what we were feeling.

Twinkle: Exciting and overwhelming at the same time because it is so fun doing a show — you get to work with people you love, and you get to talk about fun things, talk about things that interest you, and I also get to talk about my culture — I haven’t seen some shows that do that… But planning a whole talk show…. It can be really overwhelming at times because you want to get things right.”

Twinkle and Song are looking for scriptwriters so they can get some more help with the show! If you’re interested in becoming a part of “We Need to talk,” email them at weneedtotalktutv@gmail.com. Include your resume and a little bit about yourselves.

I am a communications and media studies major as well as a senior at Temple University. I host a podcast called Confidence Brings Success and love to write on my spare time! I am fun, outgoing, creative and love to laugh! IG: @Atomicalexis_ IG: @confidencebringsuccess website: https://thelifeofmeunseen.wixsite.com/website
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