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Surviving Finals Week Without Breaking a Sweat

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

As a very anxious person, finals season gets me very flustered and sends me into what could be called a “tizzy.” With the rush of having to complete several group projects and long papers- and studying for exams that count up to 25% of a grade- there is so much on a college student’s plate during finals time. The pressure that comes with end of semester tests could have anyone’s hair turning grey. For my own anxious self, it sends me into a nosedive of nerves and self-doubt. However, I do have some tips for those like me who break a sweat when finals approach.   

Look Forward to Something 

Planning an activity before or after a big assignment has been a big help for me. The small distraction of playing a quick game on my switch or grabbing some boba helps take my mind off the assignment causing me stress. When I’m ready, I can move on to the assignment with a clear mind or be prepared for whatever big project I must turn in. It may also give me something to look forward to, leaving a final with a better mindset than I had when I walked in. I have realized that me stressing over something would only lead to me subsequently failing- all because I was overthinking. Instead of self-sabotaging in this subconscious way, I am now using small activities to promote a conscious, growth mindset.  

Shuffle the Tunes 

Music is always a big help to calm down my anxiety. I have a playlist to ease every possible reason I could be stressed. I personally use a study playlist to help me remember what I’m attempting to learn. I always have this big worry that my brain will go blank during an exam, so I have curated a playlist of only “earworms.” These are tunes that get into your head- you know the songs you can’t forget no matter how hard you try. With those earworm tunes playing in my head all the time, I find I can’t forget my notes because they are so entwined with the catchy songs. In a way, you could say this is my spin on the gum studying trick. 

Recenter Yourself 

I’ve found that having a mantra can help to calm down any anxiety that I may have. I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but it seriously does help; in a way, it grounds me perfectly. I find a quiet spot to sit in; close my eyes; and begin to say out loud, or in my head, my mantra. This list of mantras from calm.com has many lines I say to help recenter myself. It may feel a little silly at first, but when everything gets too much, I can just sit down for a couple of minutes, say some words of encouragement, and then I feel so much calmer.  

Finals have always been a tough time for me as someone with anxiety. I get so overwhelmed with everything already, but adding on the weight of exams, projects, group work, and final grades can send me into a spiral. Luckily, I’ve been able to use some tricks to help ease the mental pressure of college exam season. I know others can relate to these feelings of anxiety, but with my tips, I hope you can also find a way to not let the nerves overtake you. Good luck on finals, everyone! 

Dayanna Shomo is an opinion staff writer for the Temple chapter of Her Campus. She will give her opinion on things related to things like the what’s with the latest fashion trends to the best spots in Philadelphia to hang out. Outside of Her Campus, she works for a nonprofit in West Philadelphia. The nonprofit centers around giving to students in the Philadelphia area. She spends most of her time there mentoring the students in the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. She is also the head of the communications department for the nonprofit. She is currently a communications major at Temple University. She is hoping that her degree in communications at Temple will allow her to help the nonprofit grow. During her free time normally out and about in the city trying new food spots she sees online. She can seen at all times having a book in her hand and a coffee in the other. Her favorite pastime is to spend time playing games on her Switch or binge-watching Netflix. She is currently rewatching the Breaking Bad series and Better Call Saul. Her current fixation is on a video game known as Stardew Valley and is trying to get all the achievements in the game.