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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

As we know, warm weather is slowly approaching, and that means “wearing less and going out more!” Warm weather seems to bring out the best vibes along with memorable, safe gatherings with our friends and family. Just getting out of the house to enjoy the beautiful weather and go on nice adventures is the best feeling. Having the best looks and feeling confident in oneself can really put the icing on the cake. Listen, if you haven’t gotten your summer bodies ready for the summer season, then that’s completely okay. No one needs a perfect body for a good outfit. Here are a few clothing brands to try out to get prepared for the new season.

Blush Mark

This website is very similar to other popular sites, including Shein, Zauful, and Pretty Little Things. They have all the latest styles and trends to choose from. This site has bathing suits, tops, shorts, dresses, and everything in between—also, cute jewelry to top off your looks in the summer sun. Not to mention, the prices are very affordable, and the quality of clothing is decent once it’s shipped to your house. Give Blush Mark a quick look.


If you’re looking for vintage/street looks, then this is the place for you. Dressing comfortably and stylish is the best way to dress. Just wearing an oversized tee, baggy jeans and a pair of Jordan 1’s is the way to go. They’re also known for buying any clothing you decide to give away. It’s undoubtedly the go-to style for many of us, so this website can help add more to your wardrobe. 

Princess Polly

Check out this website to find trendy outfits. Shopping for everyday looks and a night out with your girls can all be found on there. They’re also super affordable and give out student discounts as well! Sweet, sassy, and fabulous are the words that come to mind when looking at their clothing. 

My Outfit Online

This website is full of pretty and soft toned attire. Many of the outfits are perfect for a dressy occasion, or if you just feel like getting dolled up for a night out. Some of the clothing is slightly on the pricier side, but it is worth it for a new outfit. Don’t be afraid to spoil yourself a little bit.


Of course, I had to bring up this popular website. Shein is one website that many of us can’t seem to escape. They’re known for their incredible prices and having everything on their website, which can sometimes be a nightmare for our bank accounts. If you’re aiming to have a complete summer look for a beach trip or a day at a museum, Shein will have what you need.

Hopefully, these websites will get you ready for summer weather. Remember to get a good look at each of these websites. Another quick tip: watch clothing hauls before making any purchases. Happy shopping!

I’m Taylor Carmichael and I’m an Senior Journalism Major at Temple University. I’m all about happiness and living life to the absolute fullest. I enjoy dressing out of my comfort zone and taking tons of cute photos. If I’m not sticking my head in the books I’m enjoying time with my friends and going on memorable adventures. I’m outgoing, love to make people laugh and just having a good time.
I'm a social media fanatic. Between my work as a rising senior public relations student at Temple University and my personal blog (living-with-love.com) hobby, you can always find me on my phone. I'm from a small town in Connecticut and spend my free time doing barre workouts, rewatching television series, and reading new books. I joined HC as my first organization at college, and I can't imagine ending my academic career leading anywhere else!