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With spring just around the corner, shoes are always a key fashion statement to be aware of. Shoes don’t always get enough credit, but they can really make or break an outfit. They can elevate a look to appear more dressy, or turn a classy outfit into street style with a cool pair of sneakers. These are just some of my favorite shoe trends coming up this spring that I am excited about. 

The Greek Goddess: 

The greek goddess look is making a reappearance this spring and summer. This strappy shoe with a gold flare can be paired with black or white for an elegant addition to make a casual outfit stand out. 

The Business Casual: 

Loafers have always been a nice addition to make an outfit business casual or just make it nice, professional, and always in style. Spring loafers are predicted to make a reappearance as they have always been a timeless staple in fashion. 

The Boot Extravaganza: 

Boots have been brought back and forth, whether it’s the western cowboy boot or a nice boot with a skirt or dress. It can definitely create a unique look and be a way to make an interesting addition to your style. The boot adds a dynamic appearance and can be edgy but elegant. 

Back to Clogs: 

Some people look at clogs and don’t see their potential, but they are quite a blast from the past. They have made their way back to the fashion world and have become extremely trendy. Clogs add a dainty look that can be paired well with nice flared pants or a dress. It is another one of those unique additions to your wardrobe that can actually be comfortable as well. 


We have seen chains make a huge appearance in jewelry, and now they are being added to shoes to add a nice touch and match the heavy, golden chain look. This has been one of my favorite shoe looks, because it can make a nice heel look classier with this small addition. 

Silk and Scarves: 

Similar to jewelry, scarves have been a constant staple in fashion that is being brought back today. These silky shoes with scarves are very cute and popular, because they add color and texture to the shoe and are another good pairing option. 

Just a Tad of Heel: 

Kitten heels are perfect for when you want to add a little bit of height, but don’t feel like tiring your feet out. They can add a more dressed up look without killing your feet. They are also great in all different colors as well as unique shapes and forms. The little black dress look can be altered with a pop of color from these heels.

Comfort for the Outside: 

Slippers…who would have ever thought they would become trendy outside the comfort of your own home? We are currently seeing fuzzy loafers add a comfy look to people’s everyday style. I think it adds a fun touch to long flowy dresses, or simply making them a part of the monochromatic comfy moment. Definitely a must. 

Tie the Knot: 

Shoes are always looking to take new forms. Knots on shoes are becoming popular again and can elevate your look in some way with different shapes. 

The Flip Flop is Making a Big Comeback: 

Flip flops are not classy at all, right? Well, recently we have seen the flip flop be reinvented into a leather heel to add to your outfit. So, don’t underestimate the flip flop!

The Chunkier The Better: 

Shoes seem to be getting chunkier and chunkier, especially sandals. If you are looking for some height but also comfort, chunky sandals can be a cool pair of shoes to add to your collection. 

A Classic Clean Sneaker: 

The clean sneaker has always been a classic spring/summer look. It is extremely helpful to have a pair on hand, because they match with everything and make an outfit put together. 

Experimenting with shoes is always a fun time. Finding your signature look is great as well, but looking for unique options and stepping out of your comfort zone is always a risk to be taken. Shoes are the perfect way to make your outfit unique and have fun with fashion! 

Alice is a staff writer for HerCampus at Temple University. She is an advertising major, has an adventurous soul, and is always up for exploration. The fashion world excites her and she has a huge passion for traveling. She loves meeting new people and is always looking to embrace new cultures. Alice wears her heart on her sleeve, dives into new things headfirst with a smile so don't hesitate to reach out especially if you want to talk fashion!
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