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Song recommendations for your astrological sign

Because who isn’t obsessed with astrology right now?

There’s no better way to get to know someone than figuring out their star sign. Star signs are so simple, yet so complex. I decided to recommend a song for each sign based on stereotypical traits. Here we go!

Aries: “XS” by Rina Sawayama

Aries is the first sign on the astrological calendar. They are usually the ones getting the party started, whether it is in their favor or not. Typically, they are impulsive and are constantly taking risks. Aries tend to always want more fun, adventures, and activities! 

 This song brings the energy, just like an Aries. Even the lyrics, “give me just a little bit,” repeating over and over again, XYZ. 

Taurus: “Woman” by Kesha  

Taurus are known for being stubborn. They like what they like and cannot be swayed. They take pride in being independent. In their eyes, it’s just them against the world! This song embodies that same type of self-empowerment. While stubbornness can be seen as a negative, this song takes that wilfulness and turns it into self-assurance! Keep on keeping on, Tauruses! 

Gemini: “I Thought About Killing You” by Kanye West 

This sign is known for having multiple sides to them. Some people may say that Geminis can be two-faced, but I strongly believe that they just offer multiple perspectives. This song’s title may seem scary, but in it, Kanye explains his rationale about how his most beautiful thoughts are always inside his darkest. This song isn’t what it seems at first glance, and it offers a different perspective on love, relationships, practically everything– which are things to which Geminis can relate. 

Cancer: “Many Times” by Dijon 

Aw, a Cancer! Cancers are known for being super sensitive and sometimes need to have their feelings handled gently. They are driven by their emotions and can easily get their feelings hurt. Instead of suggesting another sad song, Cancers should listen to this when they need a pick-me-up! The song is about being hurt many times, but it’s such a bop that it will get you moving and out of your funk! This song combines the lyrics you’re most comfortable hearing with the energy you need.

Leo: “Way 2 Sexy” by Drake ft. Future 

Leos are known for being the centers of attention. All. The. Time. As draining as it may seem to some other signs (Cancers, I see you), you have to applaud them for their ability to keep everyone’s attention. Every audience needs a performer, and Leos are just that. They are “Way 2 Sexy” for anyone to stop their shine! 

Virgo: “IN THE MOMENT” by Snoh Aalegra ft. Tyler the Creator

Virgos are notorious for being practical to the max. While they are typically more self-assured than the average person, that overly analytical nature can sometimes get in the way of things. Sometimes Virgos need to take a step back and reevaluate certain situations from a new perspective. While their confidence is admirable, they need to be reminded that it’s okay to ask for help. This song, which is about being in the moment, can encourage Virgos to realize there’s always someone to lean on.

Libra: “Everything is Everything” by Lauryn Hill 

Libras, just hear me out. Libras are represented by a scale because they are always weighing their options all the time. In day-to-day life, however, this carefulness can be seen as indecisiveness. Still, I believe Libras are thoughtful people, which makes them such good friends! This song can reassure you in your decisions, as Lauryn Hill sings “what is meant to be will be.” failure is not as scary as it may seem because it is a chance for growth. 

Scorpio: “I hope ur miserable until ur dead” by Nessa Barrett 

Ah, the dark and mysterious Scorpio. Other signs tend to either love or hate this bunch.. Scorpios tend to be stereotyped as being mysterious, but I believe they are just particular about who they let into their inner circle. Scorpios can see past all B.S. Scorpios are loyal and tend to hold grudges. This song totally embodies the Scorpio attitude when they’re faced with a conflict or betrayal.

Sagittarius: “Weekend” by Mac Miller ft. Miguel 

Sagittariuses are bright, full of life, and super optimistic. They tend to see the world as if through a pretty Instagram filter. Their bubbly personalities are attractive to those around them, yet Sagittariuses need to be careful because they can be easy to manipulate “Weekend” by Mac Miller embodies the same dust-yourself-off-and-get-back-up attitude that Sagittariuses love. This song says you will be okay in the end and to just enjoy life is just a fun ride. Keep up the positive attitude! 

Capricorn: “Self Control” by Frank Ocean 

Capricorns are disciplined, ambitious, and always prepared. Tradition and routine are Capricorns’ best friends. Change can be hard for this sign, even when it’s good. This Frank Ocean song reassures you that even when you feel out of control, you will be okay.

Aquarius: “Just for me” by PinkPantheress

Aquariuses would describe themselves as over-achievers, optimistic, and confident. They tend to be hard on others but more so on themselves. They are not open to criticism and may easily take offense. Aquariuses need to just let their hair down and have some fun, which this song is perfect for doing! Blast this song and dance it out! 

Pisces: “Lost in Translation” by The Neighborhood 

Hi, Pisces. It’s nice of you to join us today! Pisces are known for spacing out a lot. Sometimes, it can seem as if they’re not present when they’re actually just trying to process their thoughts and emotions Pisces can easily have their feelings hurt but are very sympathetic towards others. This song captures the spaced-out feelings many Pisces get. It’s also a chill and easy-going song, just like a Pisces tends to be!

Autumn is currently studying Media Studies & Production who enjoys hanging out with friends as much as the next girl.
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