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So, Where is Everyone Buying Bathing Suits This Year? 

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.


Starting, we have the oh-so-familiar Shein. Now, Shein is known for their affordability, but not always for their quality. The key to shopping with Shein is to look at the reviews for everything. Seriously, don’t skip this step. The reviews will tell you about the sizing of the product, its quality, what the color looks like, etc. You want to do this for the bathing suits since you need good quality ones. Shein bathing suits are refundable, as long as they are unworn, unwashed, and still have hygiene stickers attached. Shein has tons upon tons of different bathing suits, with styles ranging from very cheeky, to more modest full coverage. Again, here is where the reviews come into play- if you are looking for a certain type of coverage, make sure to read those reviews to see how they fit, and if you think it is right for you. Shein is a great place to buy a bunch of suits to have lying around, and I have gotten some great swimsuits from here, as well as a few that weren’t great quality. If you’re watching those reviews, Shein is a great place to start. 

Sea Molly  

I recently came across this website on social media, which sells different styles of swimwear. There are tons of styles and colors, and the bikinis are sold as sets, with the pricing being between $22-$28 total for one set. In today’s economy, I call that a win. They have varieties of bikinis, one-pieces, and coverups. I haven’t tried any of them personally yet, but from watching videos on TikTok, consumers seem pleased with the products. I’m so excited to buy some bikinis from here for this summer.   


Target is a great place to pop in a buy a suit if you’re in a rush or need a last-minute fix. They have a good amount of sizing held in store, with different styles and colors. The variety of suits that they hold is small, though. For the most part, from what I have seen, in stores they usually will only hold one version of each style or color; so if you like the pattern on one suit, but don’t like the cheeky look and want something a little more coverage, chances are they will not have them in stock. They’re also a little pricier when buying a full set, with the average pricing being between $15-$30 per piece- not set. There are cheaper options, but there are much more expensive ones out there, too. So, overall, a good option, great quality suits, and whenever I’m in Target I always have to look at the swimwear section.   

Kulani Kinis   

This last shop is the most expensive on my list, but by far has the cutest styles. Kulani Kinis is known for its original styles and patterns, with bright colors and multiple different styles of coverage. All of the patterns and colors are available in multiple different styles so that you can pick out the one that will suit you best. There are over five different styles of bottoms for each pattern and multiple different tops. The top and bottom pieces are sold separately, which is great if you need a different size on the top than on the bottom. Each piece is between $50-$60, making a full set around $112. It is very pricey, but for these varying styles and the reviews of the quality, it may be worth investing in a piece for this summer.    

I am a sophomore communications major at Temple University with a minor in Criminal Justice. I currently write for the Fashion and Beauty section of Her Campus Temple!