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Skating In The City

As the temperature begins to drop, Christmas trees and holiday lights are popping up.

The holiday season is fast approaching and Philadelphia is providing winter fun for those wanting to get into the spirit. Though it’s tempting to stay home, drink hot cocoa, and watch your favorite holiday specials, try getting out of your comfort zone and join in on a traditional Philly winter activity: ice skating!

Philly’s two most popular rinks are the Rothman Institute Ice Rink at Dilworth Park and the Independence Blue Cross RiverRink at the Delaware River in South Philadelphia. Both rinks are enjoyable, but, if you’re unsure where to spend your dollars, here’s some info on both rinks to help you decide.

Rothman Institute

November 10, 2017 – February 27, 2018

Adult Admission: $5

Skate Rental: $10.

What’s most convenient about the Rothman Institute rink is its location. Centered in the heart of Philadelphia, the rink is easy to get to from multiple public transportation routes. Whether you take the trolley or the Broad Street line you can find an accessible way to make it to the rink.

An added bonus – If you need a break from skating, warm up in the Rothman Cabin with hot chocolate and snack on burgers, fries, or soups.

The rest of the park also transforms into a Christmas Village with vendors selling food, artwork, clothing and much more. Check out America’s Garden Capital Maze, next to the rink, for great photo ops to document your experience.

Independence Blue Cross Riverrink

November 24, 2017-March 4, 2018

General admission: FREE

Skating admission: $3

Skate Rental: $10

The Independence Blue Cross Riverrink has been a popular skate-spot for over twenty years. In comparison to the Rothman Rink, it is much more spacious, meaning more people, and more room to skate around them. Personally, I think this is definitely more fun than spinning around in a small, crowded rink.

In recent years, the rink has expanded to add Winterfest, a winter wonderland with more activities aside from ice-skating.

Attractions include the Kids Lounge with arcade games like air hockey and skeeball and the Franklin Fountain Confectionary Cabin, which sells treats like hot fudge sundaes and s’more kits. The Lodge Restaurant and Bar is a cozy lounge area with couches, tables, and fireplaces to gather with friends.

If you’re spending New Year’s Eve in Philly, the rink is the perfect spot to watch the fireworks by the river.

Plus, if you’re an Independence Blue Cross cardholder, employee, a first responder or military personnel, you get free skating admission.

Both rinks have their pros and cons. While the Rothman is easy to get to, the Riverrink comes with better deals and more attractions.

Wherever you decide to go, just remember to bundle up, tighten those skates, and have fun!

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