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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Trying to keep up with the cutest trends as a college student can be hard. The financial struggle is totally real when having to spend money on rent, bills, and textbooks first. But here are some great deals that will save you a couple dollars but still leave you looking styling!

  1. Jeans at Old Navy

Jeans are always super expensive and it can be hard to find a fit that works for you. Believe it or not, but Old Navy has some great deals on jeans for as low as 10 dollars with an awesome variety. Whether you want high rise, boyfriend cut, or skinny jeans there is usually a ton of sizes and shades.

2. Fluffy Jackets at Brandy Melville

In these cold winter months every girl is looking for a fluffy jacket to warm up! These can be up to $200 dollars at places like Zara; however, looking to save money on a jacket that’s just as good quality? Try Brandy Melville! This store has a lot of retro chic clothes for affordable prices that won’t break the bank.

3. Calvin Klein Undies at Nordstrom

I know that a matching Calvin set that includes one pair of underwear and one sports bra can be up to 40 dollars at Urban Outfitters; this is insane! Nordstrom is an awesome alternative store to finding these undies. It’s a great department store located in center city that offers a variety of Calvin undies in packs with multiple pairs. This way you will no longer have to spend your savings on one pair of underwear and a bra….

4. Thrift finds at Buffalo Exchange

I love love love thrifting in the city and Buffalo Exchange is a cheap way to find super cool interesting pieces. Its vintage collection offers funky pieces to add to your wardrobe. Because it is a thrift store everything is one of a kind and features unique closet gems that might just tie your outfit together. 

‘Let’s save some money!’

Alexis Pyne

Temple '20

Hi, my name is Alexis! I am currently a junior at Temple University majoring in Communication Studies and Entrepreneurship. I studied abroad for a semester in Rome and love traveling.