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Red Band Society Episode 6: Ergo Ego

“Whatever Nurse Jackson is up to, it takes balls.” The show starts off with Nurse Jackson picking up where she left off with switching the blood in Charlie’s vile. Even though Dr. McAndrew has accepted the fact that Charlie is leaving, Jackson has no intention of seeing that happen.
On the roof of the hospital, the teens continue to admire Dash’s art but Kara suddenly loses her vision. With the help of Leo, she is led back into the hospital, but not before Emma sees them leave alone. In Emma’s world she is still dealing with confusion in her love life and her jealousy of Kara makes it worse.
Jordi is convinced that their “feelings should get to know one another” and Leo sees the same things but with himself in Jordi’s place. As Emma tries to run away from the situation, Leo makes the situation clear; the decision is up to her.
Nurse Jackson reunites with Dr. Erin Grace, McAndrew’s ex-girlfriend who returned from her work in Africa, but Jackson makes it clear that she has no interest in their relationship and she is hoping to get a prestigious doctor to help Charlie recover.
After a blind Kara is put into an elevator by a mischievous boy, she recovers and finds out that she needs to get a pacemaker to slow down the progression of her condition, “You’re not the one turning into Helen Keller!” When her mother comes, all Kara wants is to receive a heart, but she lacks the support she needs from her mother when she chooses to go to work as Kara prepares for surgery.
Emma seeks support from Dash to help make a decision over whom to choose and he gives her a simple answer, “Maybe you should focus less on who you like, and focus more on liking yourself.” As Jordi and Leo are forced to work, the awkward tension rises with Jordi declaring that Emma would pick him. 
Erin runs into McAndrew and brings up Jackson’s idea, but in Jackson’s word, his ego is preventing him from letting a doctor come in and do the work he couldn’t do and his loss of the chief position to Erin is getting the best of him. On the other hand, viewers get to see Nurse Brittany developing a crush on McAndrew.
As Kara prepares for surgery, the mischievous boy she keeps running into, helps calm her down and almost gets her again with all types of fake stories about his life, but she’s is slowly learning how to play his game.
While Nurse Brittany tries to talk to McAndrew about his past relationship, he notices a change in Charlie’s blood work and immediately comes onto Nurse Jackson’s act.
After surgery, Kara connects with her mother, who never left the hospital. Her mother surprisingly gives her the insight she needs; her chance of getting a new heart has nothing to do with how sick she is, but the kind of person she is. Kara seeks Hunter, “mischievous boy,” and he acts as if he had not come out of surgery, which only leaves too many unanswered questions.
Leo and Jordi’s tension rises to another level and they end up getting into a physical fight, but Leo ends up getting exactly what he wants; Emma chooses him. Unfortunately, Jordi witnesses their happiness and angrily removes himself from the Red Band Society.  
The show ends with McAndrew telling Jackson that he has allowed the doctor to come help Charlie, but her excitement is short-lived as he tells her that he has reported her for falsifying Charlie’s records and she is suspended.
Charlie ends the show as Nurse Jackson leaves the hospital, “Playing God doesn’t necessarily mean you have a big ego. Sometimes it means you want something so badly, you don’t necessarily think of the consequences.”
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