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Profile: Taylor Sison

YouTube has become a major media platform within the past few years with new creators making content every day.

Taylor Sison, a sophomore here at Temple University, has created her own YouTube channel which has over 8,000 subscribers.

While she did have a channel back in middle school, she deleted it because someone told her they watched her videos. She has been watching YouTube for years though and decided to start her new channel during her freshman year of college.

“When freshman year of college came around and the New Year passed, I told myself that I would start one again because I didn’t care what anyone thought anymore,” Sison explained.

Her videos are based on advice and lifestyle. She is starting to get more into fashion and makeup videos as well.

She has also made videos about Temple, such as a day in my life and a dorm room tour. Her dorm room tour has over 290,000 views!

She loves how much her channel has impacted many people’s lives and loves hearing back from her subscribers. She has even had people tell her that they chose to come to Temple because of her videos!

Taylor even had someone tell her that she inspired them to go back to school and earn their degree.

Managing YouTube and school can be hard because of adjusting to a new schedule, but she said she is working on a new schedule for this semester.

YouTube has become a network where you can make videos as a full time job. YouTube is not her full time job at the moment but she explains how it definitely could be if her channel continues to grow. She receives checks from Google for her videos but it isn’t enough to make it her full time job yet.

YouTube could definitely help her in the future because she is able to get in contact with businesses that want her to promote their goods or services.

“Once I’m in contact with these brands I can talk to them about business and maybe start something from that connection” said Sison.

Taylor is a Marketing major with a minor in Supply Chain management. She chose Temple because of the diversity and loves the feeling she gets when walking around campus.



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