Profile: Sydney Ferrara

Standing on top of the Montgomery parking garage, Sydney Ferrera is holding her camera, focusing on the lens.  She glances from her lens to her model of the day and quickly determines the positions that will work.

She takes a few shots of her model then briefly examines the photos. The sun is bright but it reflects beautifully on her model because Ferrera knows where to have them pose. 

Satisfied with her pictures, she packs her things and gets ready for her next shoot with another model.  

Ferrera, a sophomore at Temple University, has had a knack for photography since she was eight years old. She comes from a loving Italian family that excels in different types of art. With her mother being a graphic designer and her grandmother being a painter, they are the ones who inspired Ferrera to get creative.

Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, Ferrera captured photos she thought was beautiful.  As the years went on her photography progressed into a love for fashion and blogging.  

She now caters to her aesthetic she’s created with coffee and neutrals. Her inspiration comes from her everyday life and going to new places to look for new content.

“I’m always thinking of new ideas or looks for a picture. I love creating new content,” said Ferrera.

Her brand, Coexvst, is what pushed her to improve her photography, style and writing. She wanted to create a brand and a name for herself that made her standout and have people know her for who she is.

“When I take a photo now, I look at the big picture. What do I want my viewers to take away when they see a new post,” said Ferrera. With this thought she trickles down to the tiniest of details to create an overall aesthetically pleasing picture.

Ferrera now does photoshoots with models, promotes for online stores, blogs for CollegeFasionista, and has her own blog,

She’s noticed that a key to her aesthetic that has improved is her editing. She knows the best advice is when to stop and when a photo needs more exposure or less saturation. Her realization and self-improvements push her to do better as a photographer.

Her determination has helped her confidence grow, making it easier to ask strangers for pictures or simply taking photographs in public.

"Being a photographer you have to be willing to put yourself out there and be noticed,” said Ferrera.