Profile: Mia Mossin

Everyone finds inspiration to pursue a dream or goal in all different ways. For some people it’s usually a parent or adult figure they look up to. For someone like Mia Mossin, who enjoys making Youtube videos, her inspiration came from Youtubers. 

Mossin, a freshman at Temple University, is a big movie buff and especially enjoys movies with psychology behind it. Her major is early childhood education but she’s interested in psychology. She thought of becoming a therapist but she decided to go with education because of her love of little kids and because the field seemed cool to her. 

Mossin always loved making videos but it wasn’t until May when she actually posted one. She felt that she didn’t have enough courage but after seeing other people look so happy when they made videos, she figured she’d try it out for herself. 

It turned out to be a great outlet for Mossin. 

“It makes me feel good inside and relieves stress,” said Mossin. 

Her passion for videos began when she made a ‘finsta’ account on Instagram, which is an account where people share silly posts they wouldn’t normally post on their real Instagram. 

“I would post 15 second videos, and they were dumb but I really enjoyed doing them”, said Mossin. 

These videos consisted of topics Mossin liked to talk about—mostly rant based. However, a lot of these videos are comedy based. She knows that she doesn’t have the money to do some of the crazy challenges that professional Youtubers do so she works with what she has. 

Since she doesn’t have a professional camera or editing system, the quality isn’t always perfect but she knows everyone has to start somewhere.  She came up with a daily routine each time she has an idea for a video. 

First she films, then she edits out what she thinks is unfunny, then she re-watches them a bunch of times. When she feels her videos are good to go, she creates the thumbnail- the picture that people see before they click on the video- then she posts it. 

Mossin tries to post videos at least once a week and her goal is to make people laugh. 

“My humor is an acquired taste. The internet is such a big place with so many people so at least one person is bound to understand my jokes,” said Mossin. 

Although she admits she doesn’t have many subscribers, she takes everything day by day and knows that everyone has the potential to be great.