Profile: Fiona Weir, Creator of ‘My Curvy Confidence’

Accepting and loving yourself for who you are is a concept many women struggle with today.

Add societal standards of beauty into the mix, and maintaining a positive viewpoint of yourself is only more difficult to do. It is during times like these when women need to support each other and lift each other up the most.

Fiona Weir, a sophomore marketing major, is using her blog, ‘My Curvy Confidence,’ to do that at all times.

Upon clicking on Weir’s blog, you are instantly greeted with a variety of empowering posts to choose from, all which promote body positivity, good energy, fashion, beauty, and more. Weir’s goal with her blog is to establish a community in which women can go to in order to spark conversation and know that they are not alone in whatever they are going through. Although most of Weir’s audience consists of women, her blog is something she encourages men to visit also.

“I want it to be for guys too. I want guys to read it so they can learn more about women and have a feminist conversation,” she said.

The ability to make others feel good is a trait that has stuck with Weir for a long time. She was originally a psychology major and switched to marketing, but even with the switch, she found that the urge to help others never went away. ‘My Curvy Confidence’ was a way for her to channel that energy not only for others, but for herself.

When you scroll through the blog posts and pictures of ‘My Curvy Confidence,’ Weir displays a love for herself that is truly uplifting for her audience to see. But just as tons of women and men are going through the highs and lows of achieving a higher level of self-love daily, Weir still faces moments where it is harder to feel good about herself more so than other days.

“It’s a struggle still. It’s a little battle every day sometimes. I just try to remind myself that this is it, this is what I am. You’re either going to love it or you’re not, and I choose love,” she said.

This level of honesty and authenticity is what makes ‘My Curvy Confidence’ so special. The content on the blog is mainly inspired by what Weir is going through personally or what some of her closest friends are going through.

“I live with five other girls, and they all inspire me so much. If one of them is struggling with something, I’ll write for them, or they’ll spark my inspiration,” she said.

Aside from content related to body positivity, Weir also retains a love for beauty, health, and fashion. Weir and her mother have had an interest in these topics for a very long time and because of that she has plenty of fashion, beauty, and health tips under her belt ready to share with others.

“For fashion I would say, just wear what you are comfortable in. Don’t be afraid to be different or experiment. Fashion is such a great avenue to express who you are. Beauty-wise, if you keep your skin care pretty basic, you can keep your skin looking very nice,” she said.

To match with her blog, Weir has a highly active Instagram dedicated entirely to her blog, @mycurvyconfidence that features even more tips, advice, pictures, and positive affirmations.

Her Instagram helps her maintain a connection with her audience and helps her gain an idea of who is following her so that she can keep them in mind when she goes on to write a new blog post.

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Aside from that, Weir uses her Instagram to follow accounts that give her good energy. Some accounts that she recommends others to follow on Instagram are: @third_eye_thirst, @thegoodquote, and @bodyposipanda. All of these accounts carry messages just as powerful as her blog content.

Even while being a role model to other men and women herself, Weir has a couple role models that she looks up to. Two of her inspirations are Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

“Rihanna is so unapologetically herself. I also really love Lady Gaga. I love color, I love fashion, I love expressing myself, and both of them do it so flawlessly,” she said.

So what’s next for ‘My Curvy Confidence’?

“I would love to expand one day. I’d love to continue to create something that is really different in a sense that it has so many varieties.” she said.

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Weir’s influence of her role models are apparent in her future plans with her blog.

“You know how Rihanna launched 40 foundation shades? Imagine that but with all different body types. I have a lot of ideas in mind,” she said.

As our conversation came to a close, Weir had a final piece of advice to give to all the women out there who are reading in particular.

“Just really know your worth. You being who you are alone without having to try is good enough. If you don’t feel that you are good enough, just keep grinding and keep pushing yourself. Don’t be afraid to be yourself,” she said.

Weir launched her blog just over the summer, and would be appreciative of all feedback on her content. Check out her blog, and to follow and reach out, follow her on Instagram. You won’t regret making the decision to follow and read her posts one bit.