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Naomi, Ari, and Caitlyn are campus ambassadors for the brand we all know and love: Aerie. Their job on campus is to promote Aerie and what the campaign, #aerieREAL, stands for by hosting events every month and giving back to the community. The three of them joined this campaign because they believe in the message Aerie is sending: body positivity, girl power and self-love.

For a while now, we’ve been able to enjoy Aerie’s authentic and untouched photos in their campaign and on their social medias. Now, the new campaign, #aerieREAL, makes a point to use “real” girls of all shapes, sizes, races, skin tones and disabilities in their ads — which is just one of the many reasons that Aerie is an amazing brand to support. As ambassadors of Aerie, the girls agreed to not retouch their own photos. Just like in Aerie dressing rooms, the girls leave sticky notes with positive messages on mirrors in bathrooms throughout campus, in hopes that it will brighten up someone’s day. Not only do they write them, but they encourage all girls to leave a sticky note too saying something nice for everyone to see.

Besides promoting the brand, they are also very involved in giving back to the community, which everyone on campus can get involved in too. Coming up in November, they will be looking for people to join them in volunteering for Giving TUesday, an event held on Nov. 29 to celebrate global generosity.

Make sure to hit them with that IG follow to keep updated on all of the #aerieREAL events on campus. @watchme_naynay @arisantanacruz @caitlynlove3

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