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Part of Her World, Once Again: Little Mermaid Trailer

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Part of our world once again, the remake of The Little Mermaid has debuted a trailer, starring Halle Bailey, and planning to air in May 2023, read here for opinions and sheer details on the trailer, also the public response.  

33 years after our favorite sea creature, Ariel has graced our screens and been such an inspiration to children around the world, she is finally back, but this time in LIVE action. As exciting as it is to see our beloved mermaid, there are some minor changes that haven’t gone unnoticed.  

Halle Bailey, an R&B singer, who is in a duo with sister Chole Bailey, will be starring as our beloved Ariel. As exciting as it is to have Bailey in such a role, some people definitely have mixed views on the R&B star’s portrayal of the character. Besides that, there are people who are ecstatic, just as I am, and can’t wait to see the first live-action mermaid film starring a black woman.  

Let’s talk about the best part: the trailer itself. Although we are all anxious for the arrival of the full movie, let’s just say the trailer had me on the edge of my seat. In the minute-long clip, it shows Ariel singing the iconic song “Part of your world” and let me just say that Bailey definitely earned this role for sure. She has such a marvelous voice with much power in it that honestly my heart melted listening to clips of her rendition. With no thought, I can say that she definitely earned that role because boy she can sing.  

Bailey’s voice is not the only beautiful thing created in this trailer. As we know it, Ariel being portrayed as a black woman is not only exciting for us adults, but also a form of representation for black girls all around. It is so great to see how excited the little black girls get seeing a version of the mermaid that looks just like that.  

This is what makes the film so important; diversity in children’s films, in general, is usually stagnant, so to have such a big role given to a black woman is just amazing to watch. On top of that, thousands have made reaction videos via TikTok showcasing their black daughters watching the trailer with glee and excitement based solely on the fact that she looks like them. Honestly, that is what makes the film so much more special and heartwarming.  

Overall despite all the backlash from others because of a minor change, I think this film will do wonders. I definitely recommend going to see it when it comes out officially because it will be an experience to remember. Until then let’s brace ourselves and support Halle Bailey as much as we can, and show how much we want to be “part of her world.”  

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