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On My Block: The Final Time Around

Netflix’s hit show On My Block has wrapped up its 4th and final season; here is a recap of its last, beloved moments!

Here we go again, folks. On My Block, the end of an era. Season four is now streaming on Netflix so it’s finally time to say goodbye to our beloved characters. But of course, we can’t part ways without a recap! So here are the shocking moments of the season! Make sure to stick around for overall opinion and rates! 


Starting at episode one, I was already at the edge of my seat. With last season being so hectic, especially with the 2-year jump and the core four (Cesar, Monse, Ruby, and Jamal) parting ways with one another, I was eager to see what would happen next. So far we have seen that Monse is in boarding school, Jamal is a star on the football field, and Ruby and Jazmine still remain together, while Cesar on the other hand, has lost his way and joined the Santos gang. 

Watching the first couple of episodes, you can see the tension between each character.  Clearly there was some kind of conflict that split them up. This becomes apparent through the various flashbacks shown between each character that showcase what caused the riff. For Cesar, he cut ties with almost everyone as he became a Santos. His brother, Spooky (Oscar), has grown distant from Cesar once again demonstrating he never cares enough to listen. 

As for the core four breakup, the boys’ trio part ways angrily after a mishap with the money from Roller World (the money Jamal finds in season one) which Cesar claims he does not have but the gang does not believe him. 

Meanwhile, with Monse and their off-and-on romance, it is revealed a year prior that she broke up with Cesar due to the incident with the gang that almost resulted in assault. With the others, Jamal and Monse stop talking due to a miscommunication and the same happens with Ruby. 

After Cuchillos’ (the woman behind the Santos gang, threatening them to go find lil Ricky) body is found, they face “trouble for the alliance” — which is what Oscar tries to warn Cesar but he refuses to take any advice. They get called into the police and this is the first scene where we finally see them all in one place. 

Moving on, Santos’ rival gangs find out about the death and are angry and out for blood. This is a turning point for Cesar because he finally realizes the real dangers and how quickly he must act to reverse his actions. As a result, he finally makes amends with Oscar, even agreeing to move in with him as he starts his new restaurant in Portland and awaits the birth of his daughter. Sadly it never happens, as Oscar is shot right after he makes amends with Cesar. 

Obviously Cesar is heartbroken after the death of his brother and thus, proceeds to leave town for a bit which leads to one of the big reveals of the Season; we finally get to meet the infamous Lil Ricky. Skipping forward, we find out that Oscar got cremated so they come together once again to find a place to spread his ashes.

From this point on, it seems like most of the conflicts between the group are resolved with the help of talking things out. The relationships, on the other hand, aren’t so lucky. Dating back to the beginning of the season, Cesar had a girlfriend but then ended up cheating on her with Monse. Ruby and Jasmine broke up near the beginning of the season due to being far too codependent on each other, prompting Jasmine’s journey to achieve self-love. We, as the audience, are finally exposed to more of Jasmine’s personality outside of her relationship with Ruby. Though it may have happened in the final season, I’m glad to have witnessed more of her complexities in the end.

Nearing the end, Abuelita passes away but it isn’t so much a sad moment; it ends with a celebration of life, with both of her favorite things: booze and weed. 

The last scenes show the core four looking at a map abuelita left them and arguing who will be the leader of this adventure, as we come to the closing credits.  

Now since we have recap the most important elements of the season, here are some honorable mentions: 

  1. Latrelle and Ruby’s Jail Scene: Personally, I think this scene was written beautifully. Having Ruby meet with the person who shot him back in season one gave us a chance to humanize Latrelle’s character; he was a child forced to do bad things. I felt like this gave Ruby closure; a concept I’d been hoping for and loved.
  2. Confessing to parents: I thought this scene was so funny considering the parents had no clue what their kids were doing or experiencing, this entire time.
  3. Ruby Prom King: Ruby’s reaction to winning prom king was hilariously ironic because he had just told Jamal not to be dramatic once he wins. 
  4. The Ghost of Oscar: This scene touched my heart because it was months after he died and showed Cesar struggling with his tie and being guided by Oscar’s ghost.
  5. Abuelita and Jamal’s Last Talk: This was another heartbreaking moment because Abuelita confesses to Jamal that his antics gave her purpose and a reason to live and she thanks him for it. 

My overall impression of this season: Although there were some great moments, I felt like the entire season felt rushed. I was left with more questions when it ended than when it began and it was an underwhelming finish to something I’d been greatly anticipating. Additionally, Oscar’s death may have been predictable but it also felt really unnecessary — especially since we never found out who killed him. It was just so anticlimactic and more filler than a season. Overall my rate for this one is a 5/10; season three was the best in my opinion.

As we say goodbye to our beloved show, it’s important to note the journey in Freeridge is not over yet; there has been a confirmed spin off! Hopefully it will be just as good as this adventure of a series. 

For now let’s hold onto our snacks, gasps, and laughter as we wait to witness what else will be in store! I hope you guys join me on the next rollercoaster of emotions we’re bound to experience.

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