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New Students Will Save and Soar with Temple’s ‘Fly in 4’ Program

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Graduating on time and saving money can be a hassle. Many students have to work through school and take out loans in order to reduce their debt. In an effort to alleviate this burden, Temple has introduced a new program called “Fly in 4,” geared toward incoming freshmen and some transfer students.  

Temple will choose 500 students who demonstrate financial need to participate in the program. It will allow them to receive a $4,000 grant, so students can focus more on graduating on schedule and spend less hours working. However, the program does come with some responsibilities. This includes signing a graduation pledge to finish in four years, agreeing to regularly meet with an academic advisor to stay on track, as well as working no more than 10 hours per week.

“I think [the program] is a great idea. It seems like a good way to encourage students to gain work experience as well as it helps them to pay for their education,” said prospective freshman student, Greg Rush.

Many students spend time working in order to pay for living expenses, personal expenses, and sometimes tuition. Some must travel off campus, which may require an additional amount of time and money.

Temple sophomore, Shayla Watts, is currently employed at an off-campus work-study job. She shared her experiences working off campus and her thoughts on the “Fly in 4” program.

“Currently, I work 20 hours a week and it is exhausting,” Watts said. “I think that the program would allow students more time to focus on classes and studying than working. Also, it lifts some of the financial burden from the student, because in college, having money to get by is always a concern.”

Students from any major are encouraged to apply. Those with majors that require more than four years to finish their curriculum must adhere to their academic plan. Also, students who register for the program are also allowed early class registration and complete a graduation review when they reach 90 credits.

Transfer students are eligible to apply as long as their earned credits can be combined with Temple’s so that they can graduate in the allotted time. If any participants still fulfill the program requirements, but cannot graduate in four years, Temple will pay for any remaining credits.

All prospective participants will be allowed to sign up via TU Portal in the coming weeks. In the meantime, any inquires may be sent to flyin4@temple.edu

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Caitlin Byrd is originally from Washington, DC. She is a criminal justice major and an aspiring attorney. She loves to meet new people and writing is one of her favorite hobbies. 
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