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Netflix’s number one show Never Have I Ever has finally debuted its 3rd season. Read here for some highlights of the seasons and my overall opinion! 

As we all know high school can be a challenging time. With new experiences, things to do, and lessons to be learned, it can be quite a time. Although it can be a challenge, there is one thing we can agree on first for sure; we have never had a wackier experience like our famous protagonist Devi Vishwakumar. Before we dive into the crazy life of Devi, here is a short recap of season two. 

Last time we saw Devi she was a mess, to say the least. She was trying to juggle the impossible: dating 2 guys that she liked, in secret. Obviously that didn’t work out as she got caught and almost crushed those relationships to the ground, towards the end she (spoiler alert) ends up going to the dance with Paxton and they officially become a couple! Exciting stuff, am I right ? But it doesn’t stop there, Season 3 will have you at the edge of your seat! So with no further wait, let’s dive in!  

More spoilers ahead!

As I mentioned before, Devi and Paxton are finally official and exclusive this time around. People are confused and shocked on the matter but Paxton doesn’t seem to care, it’s mostly Devi. This unfortunately leads to them to a break up early in the season. Devi, being the dramatic person she is, thinks this is the end of the world, and that she will never find love again, but that is not the case. 

Over time she tries to get herself out of a funk, and ends up meeting Des, a boy who shares her Indian heritage, who happens to be the son of her mom’s new friend.  Although they did not get along immediately, they end up clicking for a brief second, until it all falls apart.  Once it is clear to Devi’s mom friend that the two are developing  real feelings about each other she brings up  Devi’s past trauma. This evokes a sad moment and a heartbreaking rant on how she believes Devi is has too much baggage to be in a successful relationship. Obviously, this is not the case as Ben, her childhood “frenemy,” as he still hints to having feelings for Devi. This fact is pointed out multiple times throughout the season. As for Paxton, Devi and him become friendly towards each other after Paxton dedicates his graduation speech to her, which was a touching moment. This is when she realizes the “spark” she had for him is no longer present. It is revealed later that it is for Ben.  

Ben and Devi’s relationship takes a serious turn when Ben realizes how much he cares about Devi. This occurs when she is thinking about going to another school for senior year. Devi also realizes the spark is for him when she decides to go to his house. This will be the set up for season four.   

Now that we got the main course out of the way, here are some honorable mentions and my opinions. Personally, I think that between Season 2 and 3, I was rooting for Paxton and Devi but now I’m conflicted. It seems like Ben is the better fit for her, but it really depends on how it plays out next season. On the other note, one thing I really like this season is the growth that Devi portrays. In the first two seasons she was very chaotic and irrational which could be the result of her dad’s death, but now she is a little more level-headed with a better relationship with her mother which is refreshing to see. Friends wise, I was not expecting to like the Eleanor and Trent pairing as much as I did, I think they were very comical together and sweet. Anessa was with Fabiola her breakup with Ben for a brief moment, which I felt was unnecessary since they didn’t really explore it as much as they could have.  

Overall, I really enjoyed this season, and can’t wait to see what comes next. I am hoping for a good ending to come through and maybe Devi will be in a healthy relationship this time around.  

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