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Natural Hair Makeover

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Hey Ladies, it’s time to revamp our natural hairstyles for the spring and summer. Let’s face it, winter is over and unfortunately we can’t keep hiding our hair woes under a knitted hat. As we peel back the layers of our clothes we should also let our thick, unruly curls run free. Here are three super chic natural hairstyles for type 4-c hair that you will thank us for!

What is Type 4-C hair?

Ethnic hair is defined by the curl pattern of the hair cuticle. The hair textures range from a loose wavy, 1-A texture to a dense-coily, 4-C texture. The looser hair patterns are praised while the 4-C hair pattern receives a bad reputation. Let’s debunk the naysayers because with care, patience, and effort, 4-C can be just as beautiful. The key products you will need are a wide tooth comb, Aunt Jackie’s Curl Elongating Cream, Oyin Nourishing Herbal Leave-In Conditioner, hair elastics, and Bobby pins.

Mega Puff

Let’s turn heads this spring and summer with a style that will make the pavement your runway. The mega puff is a simple style that will celebrate the 4-C curl pattern. To achieve this style, you will need to start off with detangled your hair. First, spray your hair with the Oyin Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner to soften your hair. Then take the wide tooth comb and detangle your hair from the end to the roots. Once your hair is detangled, smooth the Aunt Jackie’s Curl Elongating Cream in an upward motion to form the mega puff style. Once you have a good grip on the hair, place the hair tie around your hair to secure the puff. You may add a few more glops of hair cream to define your 4-C curls. The result will be a beautiful “fineapple” that smells like a bouquet of flowers.


We are all guilty of forgetting to twist our hair at night to achieve the best twist out. If that sounds like you, it’s okay! The twist-out look is super easy to achieve in the shower. So, grab your wide tooth comb and your favorite conditioner, we don’t have time to spare. Shower as usual. When you’re finished, work in the conditioner and comb through your hair carefully. Once you’re done, apply the leave-in conditioner and then the curling cream. You may go through to define your 4-C curls or you can let them rock out on their own. Once the style is 50 percent dry, you’ll be ready to start your day with big, bouncy hair!

Two Strand Twist

Warning: This style is for the patient naturalistas. Log into Netflix and grab your favorite snacks, and then gather your wide tooth comb, leave-in conditioner, and curling cream. Once you’re all set, start off by sectioning your hair into four parts. You can twist your hair into small or large twist depending on your preference. Make sure your hair is thoroughly detangled and moisturized with your leave-in conditioner! To create this hairstyle, take two thick strands of hair into your hand and twist from right to left in a wrapping motion. If you’re still unsure, Youtube, a naturalistas best friend, has a great 4-C Twist hair tutorial to reference. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, the styling time could take anywhere from 30 minutes to about one hour. Once you’re done, you’ll have a cute, protective style that will unravel into luscious waves!

Now, take a quick trip to the beauty supply store and see which one of these great styles works for you!


I am a student at Temple University and I aspire to be a Journalist. My passion in life is writing because I have the ability to express myself creatively through words. I enjoy writing poetry and I especially enjoy being a staff writer for the Fashion and Beauty section for Her Campus Temple! My missions in life are to be an inspiration to young girls, help others, and encourage young women and girls to feel beautiful!
Samara is currently a senior Journalism major at Temple University. She has always possessed a passion for writing and currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus Temple. Eventually, she hopes to work in the magazine industry. In her free time, she loves exploring the city of Philadelphia, trying new restaurants, and attending concerts. Samara can be reached at samara.grossel@temple.edu.