My Favorite Albums That Got Me Through This School Year

As the school year winds down to an end in the strangest way, I have done a lot of reminiscing on all of the positive things throughout the year. Something that has been a huge part of my school year, and that has been getting me through social distancing is music. There were so many incredible albums that came out in the past year that I have been constantly listening to! Here are my top five:

5. After Hours

This recently dropped, dreamy pop album by The Weeknd is just what we needed during this quarantine! The album consists of songs about self-reflection and vulnerability in both upbeat songs and slow ballads. There is also a common theme of loneliness throughout the album, which seems more relatable than ever now… yet The Weeknd makes it sound so smooth and pleasant. I particularly liked the tracks, “Heartless,” “After Hours,” and “Hardest to Love.”


Jaden Smith is one of the most creative hip-hop artists in my opinion, and that is what makes this 2019 album one of my favorites of the year. Jaden does not fail to create such versatile music with tones of nostalgia and edginess. This punk rap album consists of many vocal effects, bass drops, and dreamy vocals. My favorite tracks are “NOIZE,” “Summertime in Paris,” and “On My Own.”

3. When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

This album by Billie Eilish is nothing short of a creative masterpiece, as shown through the plethora of awards that it won. The tracks range from emotional, powerful pieces to catchy, exciting bops. My favorite songs are “all the good girls go to hell,” “when the party’s over,” and “i love you.” 


This album by Tyler, the Creator is his best to date and one of the best albums of 2019! The tracks revolve around love found and love lost through R&B and rap beats. IGOR is very meaningful and heartfelt, and each track shows Tyler’s creative take on introspection. My favorite tracks are “I THINK,” “NEW MAGIC WAND,” and “GONE, GONE / THANK YOU.” 

1. Fine Line

Harry Styles’ Fine Line is without a doubt my most listened to album since its release in late 2019. He mixes pop and rock melodiously in an album that focuses on the most euphoric and most painful aspects of love. Styles creates a perfect balance of nostalgic pop hits, classic rock inspired tracks, and heartbreak ballads. My favorite songs include, “To Be So Lonely,” “She,” and “Fine Line.”

With how high the bar has been set for the music industry, I am only more excited to see what the next year has to bring. Here’s to more beautiful music!