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Most Popular Jewelry Trends You Have To Try

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Jewelry is one of the best ways to elevate any of your outfits! 2021 is bringing many new trends that you have to look into. Adding a bit of shine to your outfit can make you feel your best, so add a unique touch and gain some attention! Experimenting with jewelry is the perfect way to add that missing component to your outfit or just change it up. Playing around with mixing and matching your favorite jewelry is always fun, and trying out new trends can always set your outfit apart from the rest. Here are some of my favorite trending jewelry that you should try!

Gold jewelry is definitely the most popular right now, but there are some other jewelry that I love and will be adding to my current collection. These are just some of my favorites to add a pop to any look. Whether you like simple and classy jewelry, or big and organic jewelry to give an artistic flair, or a mix of both, these are some of the trends that caught my eye…

The Chain Link: 

From paper clips to a gold chain, these are everywhere! Whether you wear one or a bunch, it’s edginess brings out a very cool look. The different sizes look especially nice paired together, so stack as many as you can to get the heavy look around the neck that brings attention. This trendy look is one of my favorites!

Textured Jewelry: 

Texture is a way to elevate almost anything from clothes, bags, shoes, and the same goes for jewelry. The more textures you mix together, the better! The wavy or rugged texture on earrings and necklaces are making a big appearance in jewelry. This can make a subtle difference but look super stylish!

Mismatched Jewelry:

Whether it’s color, shape, texture, or size, mix whatever you can! When you mix jewelry, it can create a very cool and bold effect that adds to your style. Additionally, wearing different earrings is becoming trendy right now in the fashion industry. Sometimes, taking creative liberty (even if it doesn’t look right) could turn out to be super unique and make your look stand out! Make it weird and fun!

Colored Beads: 

Color always makes a difference in fashion. If you tend to like darker clothing but want to add color to your outfit, color beads are making a big comeback! This trend might make you think of friendship bracelets from when you were younger, but this trend is a simple yet classier take that can add the perfect pop!

Gold + Pearl: 

A mix of materials is definitely trending this season, especially gold and pearl. This combination has always exuded elegance, and has become extremely popular on rings, necklaces, and earrings. Organic shaped pearls can add an interesting appeal to jewelry and make any outfit classy, hence the classic pearl look with a twist of gold!

The Paper Clip: 

Who would have thought that a paper clip was going to be big in jewelry? A paper clip can be covered in jewels or found on rings. They make a look that’s different, artistic and can stand out on any of your outfits!

Rings with Charms: 

Charm bracelets have always been a sentimental statement, and now rings with tiny jewels on them are becoming popular and super cute! Get some with your letter or cure shapes to make your rings fun and a little bit different!

Organic Shapes: 

An organic shape on jewelry can always make a statement as well. Longer necklaces seemed to be a thing of the past but are coming back now, and organic shapes hanging somewhere on your outfit is definitely an elegant go-to!

Colorful Gems:

Color, color, color! This is so important in jewelry, because a classic dark look can be brought to life! Gems on rings, necklaces and earrings are really becoming popular and give a bit of a posh look that is undeniably gorgeous. It’s another one of my favorites and another classic that is making a reappearance. Anyone up to feeling royal?!

Rainbow?! : 

Rainbows have always been either a make it or break it addition to fashion trends, but the new colorful rings are really making a statement and stacking them is even better. The jewels make a wonderful look around your finger giving the crown shape a classy but fun look. I have a couple myself, but if you don’t like the rainbow look, they also have different shades of one color that can give a fun touch to your appearance!

Stack Rings, gold, resin and silver!:

One of the most popular trends that we are currently seeing is rings, rings, and more rings! It feels like a necessity, since everyone seems to have at least some style of this accessory. Some looks have even appeared to be weighing the hand down! But stacking can be a super creative way to combine your rings to make a cool look that keeps up with the trends. The most popular rings of this trend are gold, but recently resin rings are getting sold out everywhere! They are chunky, fun and give a creative abstract look. The crazier, the better! Additionally, making these yourself can be a fun craft to pick up. I know I will! 

What jewelry are you going to add to your next look? These are just some of the current trends that stood out to me. Experimenting on your own is the best part of wearing jewelry, but as always, be true to your style and have a good time with accessorizing! 

Alice is a staff writer for HerCampus at Temple University. She is an advertising major, has an adventurous soul, and is always up for exploration. The fashion world excites her and she has a huge passion for traveling. She loves meeting new people and is always looking to embrace new cultures. Alice wears her heart on her sleeve, dives into new things headfirst with a smile so don't hesitate to reach out especially if you want to talk fashion!
Delaney Mills is a Senior at Temple University majoring in Communication Studies. She's has a love for fashion and Harry Styles. She can usually be found at the Bagel Hut on campus or in her bed watching New Girl. Follow her on Instagram @duhlaneyyy!!