Making Moves: Your Guide To Off-Campus Housing

As the end of the fall semester approaches, students are scrambling to finish final projects, and get situated for the next semester. One of the 
biggest concerns for students is where to live the following year. Most students live on campus during their freshman year, but on-
campus housing isn’t guaranteed for all four years. Most students consider living off campus, but many 
factors must be taken into account before making the big move. Off-campus housing can seem risky, but 
when taking the proper precautions to find a home, it can turn out to be a great choice. Here’s what you 
need to consider when deciding to move off-campus.
1. Roommates
The people who you decide to live with are extremely important. When you get to know people 
during the school year, you start to figure out whom you are compatible with. Picking close friends is 
an ideal option for many of us, but if you’re in a situation where you need another person to live 
with and may not know them that well, take the time to get to know them. Figure out what you 
guys have in common and if your personalities would work together as roommates. Sometimes 
living with people who you aren’t best friends with can work out for the better.  
2. Location 
If you go through a realtor, he or she will most likely ensure that the house you move into is in a safe 
area that’s not too far from campus. However, it’s still important to do your own research! Talk to 
upperclassmen and figure out what areas are the best to live in or most popular. Search online as 
well and make sure you take a full tour of the property before signing anything. Don’t forget to 
background check the realtor too! 
3. The Lease 
ALWAYS make sure you are given a full lease to look and discuss with your landlord. Check the 
pricing for the month, how long the lease is, whether you have to pay for utilities/furnishing, etc. 
Also, you should figure out how long you want to live at the place (whether it’s just for the school 
year or for a whole year.) Pricing usually changes depending on that. When you read everything, go 
over it with your future roommates and your parents to make sure it fits your criteria. 
4. Plan on Time
As crazy as it sounds, some people start looking for housing the second the school year starts. 
However, most of the time you don’t need to start searching quite that early. Many people start 
looking for housing over winter break or during the beginning of the spring semester, but it’s never 
too early to start looking. Remember, there are thousands of students who attend Temple 
University. Students can get competitive when it comes to housing, so don’t fall behind! 
5. Don’t Stress
This all sounds overwhelming, but just try to remember that things work out in the end. You’ll start 
to figure out who you want to live with and where. Just stay on top of things, and you’ll find the right 
place to call your future home.