The Magic of Harry Potter

Although the series ended over six years ago, Harry Potter seems to be even more relevant now than when it first came out.

When I was in grade school, if you read or watched Harry Potter, you were considered a dork or uncool. Today, it is still talked about and referenced in everyday culture, and you are almost considered an outcast if you don’t like the series.

Some series never die, and Harry Potter is one of them. Many lines from the series are quoted in tattoos, merchandise, clothes, and in fans everyday lives (I’m wearing a Hogwarts shirt while writing this)

You can usually find Harry Potter Weekend on Freeform at least once a month, especially around Halloween. All of the movies are aired, and tons of viewers tune in to watch them. But why is the series still loved today?

Here are 7 reasons people still love Harry Potter:

1. People love magic:

Since we aren’t wizards and witches in real life, we can’t perform magic, cast spells, or change the outcome of something. This series is so captivating to audiences because we’re in love with the idea of magic and having powers.

2. It’s a community:

The Harry Potter Generation is a community that understands each other. We embrace our nerdiness and know that we share the same love for the characters and the story. Potterheads, as the fandom is called, still connect on sites like Pottermore, Mugglenet, etc.

3. Re-reading the books again

Every time you read the books, you discover something else that you never realized before.

New covers of the books were previously released, and the younger generation is picking them up for the first time and diving into this magical adventure. The series also teaches values such as love, loyalty, and acceptance, which are values we try to live by.

4. There are theme parks dedicated to the series:

When you travel to Universal Studios, you feel like you’re on the set with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The parks are a carbon copy of the films and you get to be a wizard for a day. Who wouldn’t want that?

Plus, every January there is the Celebration of Harry Potter event that takes place in Florida. You can meet some of the cast and relive your childhood.

5. Festivals

Every October, Chestnut Hill hosts Harry Potter Festival. It spans two days and is filled with movie screenings, sorting hat demonstrations, scavenger hunts, and even real-life quidditch matches, without the flying broomsticks of course. This year’s festival took place this past weekend.

6. Hermione is a role model for young women today:

She’s brave, smart, pretty, strong, loyal and an all-around #GirlBoss. Hermione inspires girls to be themselves and never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

7. The story is not over:

While Harry and his friends’ stories may be over, the series is still unraveling. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child debuted last year in a theater in London and will be coming to New York this spring! It follows Harry and Ginny’s children, particularly Albus Severus and their adventures at Hogwarts. Also, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) follows Newt Scamander, Albus Dumbledore, and the original generations of wizards.

“So, whether it’s by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home!”- J.K. Rowling