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As the weather gets colder, more layers are needed, but layers can sometimes limit an outfit’s potential. They can do this by adding weight to the outfit, resulting in a bulky look. To avoid this and still stay warm, I like to layer differently.   

One way to keep your outfit interesting and your body toasty is to mix patterns and textures — especially if you keep a less colorful wardrobe. Textures and patterns keep your outfit eye-catching. For example, if you choose to wear loose-fit denim, you could wear a structured top, and then top it off with something like a duster cardigan.  

Another fun way to add more layers is via accessories. If you take the basic structure of the outfit, you’re open to a myriad of opportunities. Here’s the time to showcase your statement pieces. A strong belt works best with this type of structure and since it’s colder out, choose a hat that works with the base outfit and your outerwear. A great way to incorporate texture is with a hat here (I’d go fur — faux fur, that is).   

A great way to layer throughout the winter is with a staple coat. A piece of outerwear that gives the illusion of a fully throughout and intricate outfit. This can be accomplished with a textured, patterned, oversized, or colorful jacket that draws the eye and represents your style. Go ahead and find the focal point of an outfit, which can even be achieved by incorporating bold pieces like capes, vests, or a poncho.    

If you’re truly looking for a unique and creative layer to add to your clothing collection, I recommend upcycling. Taking a subpar piece and turning it into a wardrobe is essential for me. Turn whatever is sitting in the back of your closet, whether it’s an old dance costume, an old Halloween prop, or even a thrift store find.   

Upcycling can entail cropping, sewing, bedazzling, and even dyeing. It’s total creative freedom, allowing the space for you to experiment and create another layer or focal point for your outfits. Even doing something simple, like ironing patches to one of your favorite jackets. It’s a way to refresh and breathe life into clothes you’ve neglected.   

I believe using old costumes is a beneficial way to make use of the money spent. Cutting the bodice out of old costumes to wear as a structured top or even removing the sheer layers of fabric to create a mesh overlay for a casual look are a few ways you can incorporate creativity and sustainability into your layered looks. 

Overall, bundling up this season does not have to cramp your style. See how to make your layers work with your unique style, to keep your look fresh while you stay warm.

My name is Emilia Mancuso, I attend Temple University as an advertising major. I am apart of Her Campus at Temple and I write for the fashion and beauty segment. I'm originally from the Poconos, more specifically Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania. I was my high school's newspaper editor, and often wrote for the features, and lifestyle columns. I love to write fashion and beauty articles, but also short stories, poems, and opinion essays. I've enjoyed my writing all my life, and hope to be able to continue to do it throughout my life and future career. Besides writing, I also love to read my favorite genre of books to consume are celebrity memoirs, horror, collections of personally essays, and poetry. Sewing is another interest and hobby of mine. I have a strong interest in pop culture, everything from old Hollywood legends to the Jerry Springer show. Music means so much to me, I've been on a multiple year journey to learn the guitar and I'm positive eventually it'll stick and I'll improve.