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Let’s Get Real About Homesickness

Just about the time when flu season hits campus, another illness of even greater intensity seems to pop up as well: homesickness.

And it’s no coincidence that this disease arrives halfway into the October month – when elementary flashbacks of your mom sewing your Halloween costume are clear and transparent.  

Let’s set the scene. The breeze blowing through your dorm room makes your stomach drop and you silently think oh no because that crisp chill reminds you of wrapping yourself in your queen size bed’s blankets back at home. Not a Twin XL. And that feeling continues throughout the day as you hit up the local dining hall for a grilled chicken wrap, only wishing that it was something made by your mom. The things you’d do for something pumpkin-flavored and baked by her is a little ridiculous, you think to yourself.

Homesickness can affect anyone and whether you’re a mere 20 or 2,000 miles from your doorstep.

The distance doesn’t affect intensity. It happens to everyone. But, the good news? There is a cure. And, if these 5 steps don’t help, Thanksgiving break is on its way and will be here before you know it.

1. The advice that no one wants to hear: Get over it.

Ouch, that was a little rough. Let me rephrase so I don’t sound like that horrible soccer coach that wouldn’t take you out of the game on a sprained ankle. College is four years. Four years of amazing potential – stories to reminisce upon one day, a foundation for networking for your future career  – it’s just four years. As for your home? It will always be there for you to come back to once this is over.

2. Everyone is feeling the same way

No matter how much Courtney may seem to be *thriving* I’ll bet she misses her dog as much as you do.

3. Find friends that feel like home

Finding a group of people – I mean the type of people that make you forget the check has already been put on the table because you’re too caught up in conversation –  will make you realize you don’t want to be anywhere else but this exact spot.

4. Call your loved ones

There’s a reason why SZA said you need to be put in timeout for forgetting to call your mama on the weekend. Calling the people you miss is the cure to all ills – especially homesickness.

5. Busy your mind

With the gym. With a good book. With that cute boy from Friday night.

And if those things don’t work?

Hold on tight. You’re about a month’s worth of dining hall wraps away from Thanksgiving dinner.

Morgan Sullivan is a second year communications major at Temple University. She enjoys giving life advice, working out at the gym, and food that is birthday cake flavored. She is the editor of the opinion section at HCTU and hopes you like what she has to say. 
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