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Let’s Look at Emily Ratajkowski’s New Intimate Collection: Inamorata

I’m sure almost everyone is aware of the insanely beautiful Emily Ratajkowski. If you’re not familiar with her, here is what you should know: ever since her appearance in the “Blurred Lines” music video, Emily has been making a name for herself as a model and actress. Appearing in magazines like “Vogue” and “Paper,” as well as in movies such as “Gone Girl” and “I Feel Pretty.” Emily now has added to her list of achievements and created her own brand “Inamorata” which recently released it’s newest intimate collection. Get your wallets out ladies, this line may make you want to drop some money!

As much as seeing Emily Ratajkowski posing in trendy intimates might intimidate you, this collection is definitely worth browsing. On the official website the collection description states,“Emily and her best friend, fashion world vet Kat Mendenhall, dreamed up all the cool, streamlined pieces you can to wear to the corner bodega and everywhere else in between. Rejecting the tired old myths about body image, INAMORATA WOMAN embraces the full spectrum of the female form–and makes her look damn good in the process.” This description is definitely true to the intimates. As we can see from the images and close up photos, Inamorata is simple yet innovative. By producing fitting dresses, pencil skirts, cotton biker shorts, 90’s themed lace bras, and high waisted underwear,  Emily’s definition of an intimate collection takes a more modern approach.

With semi-fair prices ranging from the least expensive low-rise thongs at $16.00, to the most expensive lace bodysuit with a very flattering waistline at $55.00, there are options price wise that won’t leave your wallet aching. Inamorata also offers “free domestic shipping on orders over $50.00” if you’re looking to shop for multiple items. This, in my opinion, is a fair deal given Victoria’s Secret only offers free shipping on orders over $100.00.

The quality of each product will surely make you feel as if you’ve made the right decision. Most of the products like the “Tompkins” bodysuit, “Kent” thong, “Broome” dress, and “Kenmare” bralette are 95% cotton and 5% spandex, ensuring a comfy and stretchy luxury. Almost every product comes in multiple colors ranging from white, pink, black, burgundy, and even a eye catching light greenish yellow. All item’s sizings range from extra small to extra large. Each product has its own individual style to it, and bras and underwear can be matched together in a very fashionable way. 

Her website is also very easy to navigate and understand. With a helpful size chart for guidance and a customer care section including all the information you may need if planning to buy something. For example this section includes: tracking, sales taxes, international shipping, and production information. There is also an included look book of the collection starring the creator herself, Emily, as she stunts in an aesthetically pleasing grocery store and on the streets of Manhattan.

As I paintelly await for the “Mercer” lace bra I’ve ordered, I reflect back on the collection with praise for Emily. She originally impressed her fanbase and the world with her bathing suit line, and came back even stronger with a diverse intimate line that I believe will do very well. If you haven’t seen Emily’s Inamorata collection yet, I highly suggest you do so here

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