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Knitwear: A Style and Hobby

Knitwear has recently become one of the hottest trends. We are seeing it everywhere, from dresses, tops, bags, sets, and even swimwear! It is such a cute style, and if you're looking for something to do over the summer, it could easily be done on the go or by the pool. It’s a fun way to feel accomplished and be a part of the trend! Not only is this style becoming a streetwear fashion statement, but the runway is also getting more and more knit pieces. It is light, fun and will make you want to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Knitwear is a perfect way to wear fun colors or show a little bit of extra skin while having a soft luxurious look. Also, who doesn’t love learning a new skill?

Picking up a new skill is always super fun and can be very rewarding. I am always looking for new hobbies to get into. While it’s not easy, knitting could definitely be picked up and as you progress, you could even let people know that what they're wearing has been made by you. It could be fun to get into with your friends. Like anything, you will never know if you're good or not until you start. 

Knitwear is really big this summer and is coming in all forms. One of my favorite knitwear pieces that I have picked up on is the sleek knitwear dress with cutouts. It can create a classic silhouette and is perfect for the beach. It’s light, breathable and could be dressed up or down. I love that we are seeing the style in both neutrals and bright colors. Knitwear has so many functions and could serve as a loose or fitted look. It is a very adaptable style, which is why I have grown to love and have invested in some great pieces. In addition to clothing, knit bags are perfect for the beach as well. A loose tote bag could also be the farmer’s market picnic piece that adds to your outfit and gives it a certain personality. 

Different textures are always great to have in your style. What is great about knitwear is that the texture has great potential to vary, whether you have the thin knit look or the heavy knit style where the knots are visible. They serve different purposes that are unique and could be layered and mixed with different styles. Adding knits over or under jackets and button up shirts is a great way to add the touch that could set you apart.

I have tried knitting myself, and if you are crafty, it could be a great stress reliever as well. There are so many learning opportunities online that are easily accessible. You could learn to use fabrics that include patterns and that compliment many different pieces. It could also be a super comfortable set which is one of my favorite forms of knitwear, because it is just so cute! 

Oftentimes knit wear is associated with heavy winter looks because of sweaters and cardigans, but don’t look past it this summer! Your favorite bikini or dress could be knitted this year. Knitwear not only looks very unique but also fits into the vintage trend that has taken over fashion today. Many different looks can be achieved by incorporating knit pieces into your style, such as the London look as many knitwear trends come from the U.K. They could also give you that quirky edge that sets you apart from the crowd. Shapes and patterns are easily incorporated into this trend, and the artistic value is very appreciated. We have seen many designers embrace this artistic flexibility by even knitting objects into clothing like flowers. Summer is definitely a time for lots of earthy tones, which are being used for elegant knitwear pieces.

As one of the oldest ways to make clothing, the craft of knitting has been altered for years. Knitting clothes has undergone so many changes, from color, season, style, shapes, and patterns. It is something that continues to amaze the fashion world because of the possibilities it offers. While embracing the trend could be fun, it doesn’t only have to just be worn. It can also be made, allowing fun and sustainability to be put into action. We always need to venture into unique areas of style once in a while, because changing things up is good! Knitwear is the perfect way to do that and better yet is extremely popular right now! What will be your favorite form of knitwear?!

Alice is a staff writer for HerCampus at Temple University. She is an advertising major, has an adventurous soul, and is always up for exploration. The fashion world excites her and she has a huge passion for traveling. She loves meeting new people and is always looking to embrace new cultures. Alice wears her heart on her sleeve, dives into new things headfirst with a smile so don't hesitate to reach out especially if you want to talk fashion!
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