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School is back in session, which means I’m in charge of my grocery shopping and making meals for myself. It also means I have long days of classes and homework, so I need to stay fueled. It can be hard to make sure I’m eating well and eating enough as a college student, which is why I always do a few simple things to keep myself satiated and focused throughout the day.  

Eat breakfast and pack snacks in advance. 

One of the first things I always do is make sure I pack snacks and eat breakfast before my day starts. Before I leave for my first class, I make sure to eat a high-protein breakfast, like eggs and toast. My breakfast thankfully keeps me full and keeps my mind off food throughout my first two classes. It also helps my need for late-night snacking, which is fun but disrupts my beauty rest according to the American Society for Nutrition.  

After breakfast, it’s time for a midday treat and lunch. 

I typically lean towards fruit, a protein bar, or hummus with pretzels or carrots for my midday snack. I don’t always have time for a big lunch, but these snacks help me push through until I can go home and make a meal.  

I also always have fruit at home and a banana in my backpack. Fruit provides vitamins and minerals, and gives me a quick boost of sugar, MedicalNewsToday reported. I usually pair my fruit with a protein bar or chips and hummus so that I get a longer boost of energy.  

On days when I have time to go home for lunch, or I pack lunch in advance, my go-to is a sandwich or yogurt with fruit, granola, and nut butter. I love to load my sandwich with all kinds of toppings, deli meat, spinach, pickles, tomatoes, goat cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, and whatever else I feel like at that moment.  

Sandwiches allow me to feel full and are packed with nutrients that help me to continue completing homework or focusing on classes without my stomach rumbling. Some days, I feel inclined to have a sweeter meal and I’ll choose yogurt. The protein partnered with the fruit helps me feel full for a long time and gives me that quick boost of carbs that helps me focus, according to Marla Cummins, an ADHD coach and productivity consultant.  

Dinner is the time to be low-key instead of rushing. 

Dinner time is low-key for me. I’m almost always home for dinner, which prevents me from feeling rushed in choosing what to have. 

My dinner is never the same, but I always make sure to have a good balance of veggies, meat, and some form of carbs. Some nights I’ll make pasta, sauté some veggies and meat, and throw it all together with pesto. On other nights, I’ll take a salad kit (which is super easy and cheap at the grocery store) and add some meat and other vegetables.  

If I don’t feel like eating meat but still need some protein, I’ll cook some Banza pasta which is a good source of plant protein. These dinners make me feel full and help me get a good, deep sleep.  

Lastly, it’s time for the nightly sweet treat.  

Of course, I always save room for dessert. I’m a big fan of sweets and it ends the day on a positive note, no matter how rough my day was.  

Fueling my brain and body is especially important during the school year. I try to eat balanced meals so I can gain as much as possible from my classes. It never feels good to go to class or work on homework with a grumbling stomach. This works for me, but everyone’s body is different so it’s important to find what works best for you.  

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