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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Being a college student in 2011 is different from what it’s ever been before. Rather than waiting around to get that degree in our hands so that we can embark on a rat race for the perfect mundane job, students of our generation are taking their futures into their own hands. With that in mind, it’s no wonder why so many of our campus celebrities have been involved in entrepreneurial pursuits of their own. Izzat Rahman is no exception.

With his signature head full of thick, black hair and warm, engaging smile, Rahman has been winning hearts and respect in the Fox School of Business since he transferred here two years ago from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Knowing he wanted to be an entrepreneur, he wasted no time in joining the Entrepreneurial Student Association, where he soon became the vice president of marketing. As an executive board member of the ESA, Rahman sought to set an example for the general members to pursue their entrepreneurial passions, so he entered the Be Your Own Boss Bowl competition (BYOBB).

He knew he wanted to start a bicycle renting business for busy students who want an easier and more eco-friendly way to get around, but he had very little knowledge about the mechanical side. That’s where Churhile Corneluus came in. Corneluus, a computer science major, was a bike mechanic who made a living getting used bikes, fixing them up and selling them to friends. Rahman was a customer who encouraged him to expand his business. The two linked up and created Kayuh Bicycles.

“Kayuh is done for students, by students,” says Rahman. “We know what it’s like getting ripped off and spending ridiculous amounts on a bike so we provide an alternative platform for college students to get affordable bikes and bike services.”

Kayuh Bicycles also promotes the economic side of choosing a bike. They’ve done so by organizing bike rides, teaming up with organization like the Temple Outdoor Club for bike outings and receiving guidance from people like Russell Meddin from Bike Share Philadelphia.

The business made it to the finals for the undergraduate track of the BYOBB but didn’t end up winning. “I was bummed,” says Rahman. “But I took it as a learning curve because you don’t win everything in life. It was an excellent outlet though, and I definitely expanded my networks.”

Rahman was pumped and ready to take the business to new heights, but things took a turn for the worse when Corneluus had to leave Kayuh to take care of business in Malaysia. This could have been the end of the company but Rahman decided he had gone too far to give up. He began teaching himself how to build and fix bicycles. Soon enough, he was carrying the company all by himself.

But his hard work has certainly paid off. Kayuh Bicycles has since been flourishing, selling dozens of remarkable bikes for all types of bike-riders. So don’t be surprised if you see people on campus whizzing down the street on their stylish bikes sporting the t-shirts with the catchphrase: “Kayuh, you’ll get there faster.”

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