It's Time to Whip Out the Spring and Summer Shoes

It has been one looooong winter, and girls have done their spring and summer shopping with their friends and are so ready to whip out their new shoes. If you haven’t gone shopping yet, here are the most stylish trends for the upcoming seasons.

Flatform Sandals

The first shoe I know will be in style is the flatform sandal. These style of shoes are great! They're comfy because the platform makes it feel like you're not even wearing heels. There's a pair for everyone––even if you hate lots of height, there are shoes that come in smaller platforms too. You can get a black pair and dress 'em up for a night out, or try out a summery wedge sandal that comes in flatform style and wear it to a casual dinner on vacation. They are one of my favorites because I love adding height to myself, but hate being uncomfortable. Flatforms are the best ~happy medium~.


Regular espadrilles are a style of shoe that have been popular for quite a few summers now. They scream beachy, feminine, and casual all at once, and you can find them in so many different colors. As I mentioned before, you can get them with a bit of height, but the popular flat espadrilles are not going out of style anytime soon.


Okay, not sure how many of you girls agree, but I think sneakers are so cute during the spring and summer seasons. Throwing on some shorts, a cute t-shirt, and some fashionable sneakers can make for the trendiest outfit. Another sneaker that people will never get tired of are the classic Adidas sneakers that everyone wears. They are a cute addition to a sundress or even cute chambray shirts.

These are a few styles of shoes that you really cannot go wrong with buying for this spring and summer. If you haven’t gone shoe shopping yet, pick these up. And, well, if you have, it might be worth another trip.

––Alexandra Butz