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It’s Time to Kiss Skinny Jeans Goodbye — But I’m Not Mad About It

It’s Spooktober, witches! This year, I had a Halloween spook early when I was walking around campus and I saw an eerie sight. No, Richie’s wasn’t closed, and I didn’t unexpectedly run into that frat boy. I was rocking my everyday look of a cozy sweater with skinny jeans and converse when I realized I was the only girl in skinny jeans! All around me were girls flaunting jeans with a loose leg and ankle, and even a pair of bell bottoms. Uh-oh, I don’t know how to style *shiver* bootcut jeans! Now this may not seem bone-tingling or haunting to you, but to me, this was intimidating. 

After this realization that skinny jeans are somewhat on the outs, I decided to explore my local Buffalo Exchange in hopes that thrifting will lead me to clarity. Thankfully, I was able to cop a pair of jeans that I now love, my mom jeans. Mom jeans certainly aren’t exactly daring, but for me, they are different enough to get me excited about trying out new denim cuts. Here are some of the new styles of jeans that we’re seeing in 2019 that will totally help you slay this Spooktober.

Mom Jeans

These jeans are high waisted, with a baggy leg — and are a total throwback to the 80s. Center City was calling my name and I just had to answer, but not without my favorite pair of jeans. When coupled with this simple turtleneck, along with accessories like a scrunchie and vintage style sunnies, you can look like a time travelling, trendy star. 

Fashion Tip: Whenever I wear these jeans, I always reach for a tight shirt that’s tucked in to make my legs look longer, and keep my curves from getting lost in the sauce. 

Straight Leg

This cut is simple and timeless, that look great in any and all washes and styles. These jeans are super easy to work with, as they accentuate all of the best features of every body type. They also aren’t a total statement piece and let you play around with different types of tops and shoes that will still compliment these classy jeans.  


I’m sure that every one of us is a bit traumatized from wearing these jeans in the early 2000s when there was no semblance of fashion sense. At least, that’s how I’m feeling. However, these jeans aren’t nearly as bad as I remember, and actually can be a helpful stepping stool for someone that wants to experiment with the flare leg. They are tight on top and have a medium flare, that is subtle and sexy. 


These jeans are tight on your curves which lets you showcase what ya got, but once they hit the knee, they get funky. The Flare cut brings it back even farther to the 70s, and are versatile while also being a statement piece. These jeans can make each of our Friday nights, Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings looks a bit more groovy. 

I definitely won’t be throwing away my skinny jeans anytime soon, but these new trends are exciting to try out. Fall is a perfect time to experiment with different shoes and layered outfits, and a new pair of jeans is the perfect addition to fun ensambles.
Freshman at Temple University, with an interest in communications, social influence and marketing. Passionate about all things eco friendly and sustainable. Lover of writing, adventures & travel.
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