Idina Menzel’s “idina.” Slays

Idina Menzel is known mostly for her work on-screen in “Rent” to appearances on “Glee.” In her latest album, “idina.,” which was released on Sept. 23, she opens up about her own personal life. This album, which is Menzel’s fifth solo album, is very honest and tells about Menzel as a person.  Her sound is uniquely hers, each song different than the previous. She covers a wide array of subjects, from being in love to being a strong, independent woman.

This album spans a variety of styles and subjects, showcasing her ability to play various characters of her personality.  The upbeat “Queen of Swords” and the mellow “I See You” are both inspiring songs of strength and courage, but the latter focuses on lifting someone else up while the former is recognizing the power and strength within Menzel and anyone who feels the same way. The differences in these songs, while similar in intent, reflect Menzel’s mastering of a variety of styles.

The lyrics on this album are clever and powerful. “Show Me” opens up with the phrase, “Heaven knows I went through hell,” cleverly playing with the two opposite words. The line “I’m slayin’ like a queen of swords” is an empowering line from “Queen of Swords.” The new interpretation of Humpty Dumpty at the beginning of “Perfect Story” is a witty, fun, and creative spin on a story that everyone knows, yet it fits the song perfectly.

Menzel’s lyrics tell a story of things has been through and conquered in her life, adding a sense of wisdom and experience to each song and story. Each song on the album tells a story. This style is a reflection of Menzel’s Broadway background.  Her emotional connection to each song adds a personal touch to every note she sings. “Like Lightning” is a song of advice to her younger self, which can equate to advice to young women.

Menzel’s voice sounds better than ever before. Her range is impeccable and impressive. She can hit and sustain lower and higher notes, often over the course of a song.  Key changes within songs are done seamlessly and effortlessly. These key changes go with the natural flow of the songs that have them.  The harmonies with the other vocals fit well together without cancelling everything else out. There is a great balance between the vocals and the instrumentals.

Menzel’s latest album has something for women of every age. From young girls and teenagers to collegiates and beyond, women at any point on their walk of life can find a song that speaks to what they are dealing with, offering comfort that hard times get better and a sense of encouragement through conquering life’s challenges.

This album has something for everyone. From love songs to songs that uplift and inspire, everyone can find a song to relate to. Whether you are a new fan of Menzel or have been a fan since the dawn of her career on Broadway, “idina.” will have something that resonates for everyone and anyone who listens to the album.