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Here are some tips on how to actually stay on top of your deadlines. 

Every year I go to buy a planner from the dollar store. I think this is finally the year I start keeping track of my assignments. October rolls around and I don’t know where that planner is, let alone when my English paper is due. The first thing to remember when going into the semester is that no one is perfect and it’s okay to forget some things. There is no single object that will magically get you organized. But you should have to start some habits that work with you instead of the prescribed idea of aesthetic planning. 

1.) Find the Supplies that Work For You

Remember that infamous planner I mentioned? Sometimes writing down a to-do list doesn’t help everybody. Some people need the constant reminder that comes with an app notification or a visual calendar they can see at all times. However, if writing in a planner helps you, great! My best advice is to go to the dollar store in August, get a simple planner and calendar, download a planning app and see which one works best for you before the school year starts. 

2.) Break Out the Buddy System

We all have trouble keeping ourselves motivated to do assignments, especially as the workload picks up this time of year. Sharing schedules with a friend and checking in on each other is something that has kept me accountable this year and might be worth a try for you. You can even have a group calendar so that your friend group can remind each other of upcoming assignments.Not only will this help you keep track of work but can also help keep you connected with friends that you might not see in college. 

3.) Color Code Everything 

Yes, this does sound like extra work but having a method of organizing and taking the time to go over everything will keep due dates fresh in your mind. There are many ways to color-code notes and planners, but the main way that I color code is by subject. Get yourself a cheap set of highlighters, assign a color to one of your courses, and use that one color for all notes and reminders of that class. You can also color-code online notes and documents by using the highlight function on Google Docs. 

These three strategies are just some of the ways to keep yourself organized this year. If these tips don’t work for you, remember that not all people learn the same and it just takes time to find a work style that really helps you. That being said, happy planning and good luck this midterm season!

Hi! I'm Giovanna. I'm from Philadelphia and I'm an English Major and Temple in my sophomore year. I love reading, writing, music, and crocheting. I'm really excited to be writing for Her Campus this year.
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