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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Look, we all have that one professor who makes us turn our cameras on during Zoom lectures. We also know that we pretty much all wake up five minutes before our class starts and just stay in our pajamas. Well, no more of that from here on out! I’m here to tell you that it’s time to switch it up and be cute on top while having your pajamas on at the bottom. Here are some ways that I would style a Zoom lecture outfit to feel as “put together” as I can be while still being comfy in bed. 

Here are three simple steps to follow to look/feel your best:

Ditch the pajama shorts/ pants & put on some sweatpants

What’s better than getting out of something comfortable just to put something even more comfortable on..nothing. If there’s one thing I can live in 24/7 and still feel super cute, it’s sweatpants. There are so many ways to style sweatpants, which is important when you wanna look cute in bed, but feel fresh on camera.The best stores to get affordable and easy to style sweatpants are Missguided, NastyGal, Target, and Walmart (don’t kid yourself, Walmart has some quality basics).

Wear a cute basic top, crop top, or the perfect graphic tee

This is one of the most important steps when it comes to looking good for an online class. With the camera on, this is what everyone is going to see! I love to wear crop tops or drown myself in oversized tees, especially when I wear them with sweats or anything that I’m lounging around in. For graphic tees, you can shop at NastyGal, Urban Outfitters, or Brandy Melville. Zara, H&M, and Brandy Melville are perfect for just plain, solid-colored basics as well. 

Jazz it up with some finishing touches

Jewelry is the best way to complete a look. I literally can’t go anywhere without earrings, a necklace,and my rings, or I will feel incomplete. No matter what you’re wearing, jewelry will elevate your outfit, because it just makes you look so put together even when you’re not. Who wouldn’t want to look put together when they’re wearing sweatpants? My favorite shops to get affordable jewelry are Malibu Sunday, VibeSzn, and Sixty Stax (influencer discount codes always come in clutch!). 

Someone once told me that if you dress well, you’ll perform even better. This has stuck with me forever. I believe that if you take the time to put a little bit of effort into your outfits, you’ll feel more confident and perform better in your classes. We’re all struggling here with online classes, so hopefully feeling a little bit more put together will make it easier. 

I'm a social media fanatic. Between my work as a rising senior public relations student at Temple University and my personal blog (living-with-love.com) hobby, you can always find me on my phone. I'm from a small town in Connecticut and spend my free time doing barre workouts, rewatching television series, and reading new books. I joined HC as my first organization at college, and I can't imagine ending my academic career leading anywhere else!