How to Prepare For a College Party as an Introvert

College parties aren’t a joke ladies.

You’ve seen the Barstool videos, the frat movies, and you’ve probably heard some horror stories floating around. The classic college party is intended to be a good time with some friends, but let's face it, unless you’re an avid college partier, you never know what to expect.

They can be incredibly overwhelming in general, but super intimidating for introverts like myself.  The parties are usually sweaty, loud and jam-packed with people. But fear not my fellow introverts, here are a few steps in order to prepare yourself for a night outside of your comfort zone.


  1. 1. Wear something that makes you feel like the confident person you are, not what you’re expected to wear.

    While this might not help with the introverted part of this adventure, it can hopefully make you feel a little more comfortable to be in something that you’re used to. If crop tops aren’t your thing, then skip it! If they are, show it off, but maybe bring a light jacket if it's chilly out. Just make sure the outfit makes you feel good in your own skin.

  2. 2. Give yourself a mental pep talk.

    Yes, I am 100% serious. I know it sounds silly and oversaid to look yourself in the mirror and talk to yourself, but give it a shot. Just practice saying simple words of encouragement and comfort to ease your mind if you begin to feel nervous.

  3. 3. Make sure you’re with friends!

    Besides the obvious safety reasons of traveling with your friends, I can guarantee you, the environment will feel a lot less overwhelming if you know the people around you. Not only is key to a good time, but your friends will have your back in this new world of college partying.

  4. 4. Be prepared for a lot of social battery draining.

    Now the hard part: socializing. Expect some people to come up to you. It won’t always happen, but someone might want to get to know you. Also prepare to push yourself a little bit and maybe make conversation with a new person. It’s a party! Go and mingle! Try to remember that the people there are there for the same reason, to have a good time.

  5. 5. Recharge your social battery.

    Assuming it’s the weekend the next day, take some part of your day to relax. If you’re like me, I need time for my social battery to “recharge.” Do whatever you usually do to relax. Lay down and binge a show? Watch a few episodes. Read a book? Read a couple of chapters. Exercise? Hit the gym with a good playlist.

Going to a college party as an introvert is definitely a different experience for those who are extroverted or just a little more outgoing, but it doesn’t have to be exhausting. Being surrounded by so many people can be a little much, so just make sure you take care of yourself and enjoy the traditional college experience of college parties. Be safe!