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How to Keep Warm and Dry on a College Fashionista Budget

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

The rugged snowstorms this winter has been less than generous to Temple students, and they can make our tried-and-true fashion choices quite difficult. It’s not easy to find quality winter gear on a student’s budget. But lucky for us, there are several winter pieces in the high street that are not only cute and functional, but will also keep the insides of your wallet cozy and toasty as well.

1. Snow Boots

The recent snowstorms have not been very friendly to leather and suede boots. Snow boots are great investments in these tough winter times. Unfortunately, cute and affordable snow boots are very hard to come by. L.L. Bean and Columbia have high quality snow boots, but some of the boots have a tendency to look a bit heavy and uncomfortable. If you are really in a penny crunch, Target is a great choice to find affordable snow boots. Aerosoles and Aldo have a decent selection of adorable snow boots that also have warm wool lining. Not only are they adequately priced, they are also of a great quality and should last you a few       seasons.                    
 2.  Knit hats 
Cozy knit hats may not be snow friendly, but Coal Headwear, a Seattle-based company, carries a selection of knitted caps with inside lining to keep your head extra dry and warm. If you enjoy cutesy, quirky accessories, animal-themed knit hats are a hit this season-with styles ranging from panda bears to frogs. These “wild” hats are sure to brighten up the gloomiest of winter days! Zumiez and Urban Outfitters carry various styles of animal hats. Macy’s also sells an array of animal hats in their boy’s section.

3. Puffer coats
Unfortunately, peacoats are not exactly waterproof. Luckily there are a vast variety of puffer coats that are just as cute as they are water-resistant. Gap sells great puffer coats that are lined to insure warmth and comfort. Macy’s also has an extensive collection of puffer coats as well. North Face has great coats as well, though they are a bit on the pricey side. Puffer coats can have a tendency to be too bulky, but today’s styles are snugger and it’s much easier to move around in.

4. Infinity scarves 

Also known as “snoods,” they are the latest scarf trend this winter. Infinity scarves have no ends and continually wrap around the neck, thus its name. Since they are simply put on over the head, it’s definitely a no-fuss accessory that will keep your neck warm through the strong gusts of cold wind. Urban Outfitters has infinity of scarves of all colors and prints that can add a nice touch to your outerwear.

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