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Home Sweet Home: Make the Best of Spring Break!

The countdown is over, finally! Kiss midterms goodbye and bring on the relaxation. Spring break has sprung! If your funds were just not there this year and you have failed to plan that amazing trip to Cancun for the week, have no fear. There is still plenty of fun to be had and memories to be made while spending time at home.
Coming back to your old stomping grounds definitely has its benefits. Everyone has their favorite hometown dining spots that only locals know about. Your favorite sandwich shop in high school more then likely misses your business. Make it a point during the week to go there and rekindle that flame. Indulge in your all time favorite meal from the restaurant. Your taste buds will be sure to thank you forever.
Warm weather is quickly approaching and what better way to prepare for it then to go on a shopping spree? Plan a day with girlfriends to spend at the mall. The new spring styles are sure to be on display taunting you with every glance you take. Give into temptation and be the first of your friends to have that amazing dress hanging in the window. Scoop up some new accessories and bedazzle yourself. Go back to school with some new exciting outfits to hit the bars in. If you’re shopping on a budget, check out the sale racks and go nuts! There are sure to be deals during the changing of seasons.
For the past week your mind has been pushed to the limits and stressed to the extremes over midterms. Allow yourself to rejuvenate. Take a day and do absolutely nothing. Don’t give me the “I can’t just sit around and do nothing for a day” spiel. As women, we all need a day to do nothing and let our minds relax every once in awhile. Remember that television series your friends always talk about that you are dying to see, but have never had the chance to watch? Today is the day to do so. Enjoy lounging around with not a care in the world. There are not many days we get to do this, so take advantage.
When is the last time you got your nails done? Or even your hair cut for that matter? If your schoolwork and job have began to slowly take over your life, make an appointment this week to pamper yourself. Go to the pharmacy store and pick up a new bright and exciting spring nail polish. If you’re in the need of some change, pick up some hair dye or make an appointment to get your hair done. Finally take the plunge to get those highlights you have always wanted to try. Your friends have encouraged they would look amazing on you!

Reach out to someone you haven’t seen in months or even years. I bet your grandparents would be ecstatic to hear your voice on their answering machine.

Surprise an aunt, uncle or cousin with a visit. If you’re really close with your family and see them all the time, maybe you had a favorite teacher in high school. Stop by their classroom after school one day. Let them know what their favorite student is up to. An admirable coach, piano teacher, local church group, or dance teacher have not forgot about their favorite gal who went off to college to pursue her dreams.

Catching up with friends is always on the to-do list when visiting home. Plan a road trip for everyone to go on. Drive to the beach for the day. It may not be bathing suit weather, but there is still plenty of stuff to do. Make sure you bring an abundance of music to listen to while driving. Your road trip doesn’t even have to be a huge ordeal. Make it a spontaneous trip and just hit the road with some friends. Go get lost in the middle of the state and plan for an adventure.

Your hometown may not be a glamorous all-inclusive island resort, but it is your playground for the next week. Embrace your down time and enjoy yourself!

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