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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

As a part of our 2023 Alumni Panel on March 15th, we would like to introduce all of our panel attendees prior to the event!

First up is Lillian Sclafani! Lillian was CC of our chapter in Fall 2021, and she is a Temple University Alum! Learn more about her journey at Temple University and beyond here!

Her Campus at Temple University: What position(s) did you hold within Her Campus Temple?

Lillian Sclafani: Co-Correspondent (President Her Campus [Temple] alongside Rachel Neal)

HCTU: First things first, what are your big three?

LS: Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon, and Libra Rising!

HCTU: What was your major at Temple, and can you tell us your favorite memory on campus?

LS: Marketing w/ an International Business minor. Favorite memory on campus had to be coming back after Covid-19 restrictions and being able to attend class/org events in-person! This was great because we were able to host meetings and fundraisers on campus not over zoom. Favorite HC memory was our social event where we made cookies and watched holiday Christmas movies.

HCTU: If there was one thing you could tell yourself while you were a staff writer, what would it be?

LS: I would say to take risks and don’t be afraid to limit yourself on what you can write. Personally, I think if I could go back I would write down my journal entries and daily affirmations to post on the site. I think this would have been really beneficial and rather than being intense, it would be a light hearted read that people could read easily and relate to.

HCTU: After graduation what has been the most fulfilling moment for you?

LS: I think that a lot of people fail to mention the feelings you have when you graduate college. We go from being stuck in a routine of going to school, doing homework, etc. and then doing it all over again Monday morning. However- in the corporate world, you really feel like an adult. More freedom to make decisions. I think since starting my first full-time job post college, my most fulfilling moment has been turning my passion for marketing into an entry-level career.

HCTU: In what ways did your Her Campus experience help you with your professional development?

LS: Being a part of Her Campus really allowed me to open-up and communicate better with not only words but in my writing. Having a community of talented women is so empowering, and extremely beneficial when it comes to brainstorming ideas, and facilitating impactful conversations. I’ve been using these skills continuously throughout my career through effective communication, organization and leadership.

HCTU: What was the most challenging thing you faced post-graduation?

LS: I think my most challenging thing was facing the reality that I was no longer in college. I no longer had my morning coffee runs with the roomies or the 12 am late night studying sessions with my classmates. With that said, a lot of daily activities that I got accustomed to doing with others was now a solo activity. I really had to learn to be comfortable with myself and doing things alone.

HCTU: What are your plans next?

LS: Future plans are to reach my 90 days at work (since I graduated in December and started in January), learn and grow as much as I can from my mentors and managers, and make the big girl move back to Philly!

HCTU: Is there anything current HCTU members should know about you before the panel?

LS: I graduated from Temple University in December ( as a 5th year student) and was a co-correspondent alongside Rachel in the Fall semester of 2022. 

Join us in Temple University Annenberg Hall room 201 on March 15th at 5:30 pm to learn more about Lillian and all of our other panelists!

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Kayla is currently a Communication Studies major at Temple University who enjoys writing to spread awareness and positivity.