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Halloween Music Countdown

Halloween is not just for kids, you can still celebrate the day but instead of soda, there’s wine, beer, and of course, always candy!

 Let’s face it, adulthood can be hard sometimes.

Now instead of receiving the goods, you’re the ones giving them to the next generation of princesses and monsters.
No worries here! Time to crank up some tunes and listen to songs about monsters, ghosts, and everything weird in between!

Day 1: Ready for it? – Taylor Swift

Whenever I hear this song, I instantly feel a bit creeped out and this is the first song to start the countdown with!

Day 2: Dark Horse- Katy Perry

I mean it’s in the title! Ever see those people who are always in a relationship? It’s like you’re a fly trapped inside a spider web and the spider is crawling towards you.

Day 3: Black Magic Woman – Santana

This is a classic alternative for true fans plus his guitar solo gets me every time!

Day 4: True Disaster -Tove Lo

It was once one of my personal favs to listen to plus it had Ty Dolla $ign featured.

Day 5: Can’t be Tamed – Miley Cyrus

Ahh nostalgia, can’t believe it’s been almost a decade since it debuted. Man, don’t we feel old? 

Day 6: Seven Devils- Florence and the Machine

This is the start of the creepiness. They’re describing people as devils, and the lyric, “Holy water can’t help you now,” sounds like the recipe for a great creepy effect!

Day 7: A Nightmare in my Street – Will Smith ft Jazzy Jeff 

Now, who hasn’t heard of this 90s classic? I mean it’s the Fresh Prince at Elm Street!

Day 8: In the Night – The Weeknd 

If “Billie Jean” and “Maniac” had a baby, this would be that baby! 

Day 9: Heathens -Twenty One Pilots

Do I need to remind you of Suicide Squad? This was basically the movie’s most popular song on the soundtrack. Comparing your friends to a heathen is a pretty bold thing to say.

Day 10: Gods & Monsters – Lana Del Rey

I’ve been a fan of hers since her YouTube days and glad her career blew up the way it did. The whole album was a great one to listen to, but this song took the cake as far as eeriness was concerned!

Day 11: Control – Halsey

This was another album I kept playing all day long. Halsey has come a long way since her “Americana” days, but this song still gives paranormal feels every time.

Day 12: Animals – Maroon 5

Sounds like something that would happen if two supernaturals hooked up.

Day 13: Wolves – Selena Gomez

Selena’s visuals for the video are awesome to look at and the song is still being played even in some grocery stores!

Day 14: She Wolf – Shakira

If Shakira inside a cage dancing as a she-wolf is not self-explanatory enough to you, then what is?

Day 15: Beautiful Monster – Ne-Yo

I remember when the videos came out and thought he really made it about his relationship with a she-wolf.

Day 16: Sweet Dreams – Beyonce

“Sweet Dreams or a Beautiful Nightmare?” sounds like a Beauty and the Beast situation except without the Disney magic.

Day 17: I put a spell on you – Nina Simone

This is the first classic on the list. I would say this is more well-known as a love song, but the way Nina Simone sounds is unlike any other covers I’ve listened to.

Day 18: Voodoo – Nick Jonas

“Voodoo” is a great addition to this list. So far, we’ve covered werewolves, parties, and relationships, why not add a breakup song to the mix? The setting of the video was in New Orleans, the second hub of the supernatural, after Philly, of course!

 Day 19: The Monster – Eminem ft Rihanna

“The Monster” is for someone who feels a bit insane. Eminem is in a straight jacket for part of the video and Rihanna’s vocals make this one a great collab!

Day 20:  Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

Speaking of crazy! This song will make you feel more or less deranged than you intended to become.

Day 21: Mad Hatter- Melanie Martinez

Everything about her screams unusual, but that’s what I love the most about Melanie. I can’t decide what’s more creepy; the lyrics or the video itself!

Day 22: Psychotic Beats-Killer Shangri-Lah 

This song was featured on the trailer for the BBC show, Killer Eve. The show became one of my faves this year. This song literally yells “I’m going to kill you” in every other line. Feeling scared yet?

Day 23: Glory & Gore- Lorde​

If you really listen to the lyrics then you’ll think this was made to be on this list. My favorite line is in verse 2 when she sings: “…Chance is the only game I play with, baby, we let our battles choose us.”

Day 24: Bloody Mary – Lady Gaga

It’s Lady Gaga! This song is all about Halloween. Between the lyrics and the sound effects, this should become a classic soon.

Day 25: Tell Me it’s a Nightmare- Kim Petras​

She’s a new artist, originally from Germany. The German-born pop star is making her way mainstream with her new EP, Turn off the Lights, Vol. 1, which recently came out this year. This song reminded me of something spooky, but fun to dance to like Timberland’s “Morning After Dark,” expect more poppy.

Day 26: Somebody’s watching me – Rockwell

Probably the creepiest in modern times. Monsters, werewolves, and ghosts are pretty scary but the thought of having a stalker is even scarier!

Day 27: Fever – Peggy Lee

This is one of the two classics of Halloween songs. Lee was a jazz-blues singer in the 50s. Her version may be the most well-known, but it’s only a cover. The original singer, Little Willie John was an R&B singer who remained unknown until recently. It took a few years before the song became as popular as it is today.   

Day 29: Spooky- Martha Reeves

The story behind this second classic on this list is pretty simple. The song is originally an instrumental piece, but it wasn’t until a band, Classics VI added in a sound effect of whistling which was represented as the ghost of a little girl. After adding the effect and some lyrics, a hit was born!  

Day 30: Thriller – Michael Jackson

Come on, this is such a classic!

Day 31: This is Halloween – Marilyn Manson

Finally, the day is here! Kids are hunting for candy, teens are egging houses, and us adults are either dancing the night away or curling in a blanket watching Hocus Pocus for the 100th time. 

Wow! This was a tough task to do, there are tons of songs, but these guys made the cut for a reason. Hope this helps start your nights and for more songs, look at this playlist.

Happy Halloween!

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