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Hairstyles #Trending for Fall


With Fall arriving a new semester starts, the leaves change colors and we kiss summer goodbye. With Fall comes change and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You may want to change your style, your friends, your daily routine or even your hair!

A new look to bring on the new school year might just be the deciding factor on whether your year is going to be great or not. Don’t worry though because here are some tips and tricks on how you can keep your hair style up to date this Fall season.

Bling is back! There is an uprising trend with bling-infused hair styles. There is no better way to dress up a cold Fall day than with a hot new accessory. Top designer Prada has even featured this bling trend on their runway. Bling hair accessories can be infused into a ponytail as a sparkly ponytail holder or they can be worn as a headband. Bling hair accessories can even glam up the most boring hairstyles.

Low messy ponytails are in. Huge designer names like Michael Kors, Dior and Nicole Miller have been rocking this style on the runways recently. The look can be sleek with a simple wrapped hair tie, or it can be teased with a piece of hair wrapped around the hair tie. Both styles are completely effortless and they look cute!

Colorful hair is a wonderful way to express yourself! Dying your hair is also the best way to really switch it up for Fall. All over campus colorful hair has been gleaming in the sunlight. The array of colors ranging from a muted red to a brilliant blue have wonderfully added to the scenery. Fall colors that are a must try are: auburn, burgundy, dark browns and caramel highlights.


The beanie is always a staple in any wardrobe as well as any hairstyle. Beanies can be paired with simple white tees and jeans, or a dress for an added chill vibe. Great ones can be purchased at Forever 21 or H&M. Adding a beanie to your hairstyle can give you that added glam look. Try wearing a beanie while your hair is curled.

The new version of the French twist has hit runways and celebrities alike this past year. The simpler method can be replicated by obtaining a clear, plastic hair tie and grabbing all hair in a handful. Then, place hair tie like you are going to pull through for a ponytail, but don’t pull through. Make sure to wrap hair tie underneath of the half-pony and secure into a bun. For the braided twist, do a simple three piece braid and secure the bottom with a clear elastic. Make sure to pull hair into a ponytail, but wrap the braid around your head and secure with bobby pins along the way. At the end hairspray for security. The French twist creates a perfect envious hairstyle for a Fall day.


My name is Jacquelyn Fricke, and I have a passion for beauty! I used to be a beauty YouTuber who spilled all kinds of beauty secrets. I also have a passion for fashion and love to write. Together, writing for Her Campus is the dream!
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