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Goodbye Halloweekend, We’ll Miss You

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Known as one of the longest, most fun, and most anticipated weekends of the year, Halloweekend remains an anticipated series of events for many students on campus. I miss it already.  

This year, I really took a minute to reflect on all of the Halloweekends I’ve experienced. Whether it is dressing up as your favorite character, planning group costumes with your friends, or having a celebration with your favorite people, Halloweekend is the designated time for everyone to let loose and have as much fun as they can before finals start.  

Over the years, I have seen Halloweekend develop into something more than just a chance for students to have fun; it has become a tradition for everyone. I share a costume idea with my friend every single year where we dress up as our favorite characters and celebrate our friend’s birthday.  

As college students entering our twenties and moving into our adult lives, we lose a lot of the small things in life that we had when we were younger. One of these things is dressing up and going trick-or-treating with neighborhood friends. I miss going to the best-haunted house set-up, running around scaring each other with little jumps and yells. I miss watching Halloween movies, even the not-so-scary ones while eating all the candy you got from the night’s adventures.  

These are aspects of Halloween we lose as we get older, but we also gain a completely new experience. Temple has a fantastic Halloween culture, making it something enjoyable for everyone of every background. Whether it be costume contests for fundraising events, dance recitals, or venturing out to the Eastern State Penitentiary to have a spooky night with friends, the celebrations are endless.  

I’ve realized there is something unique about the Halloween culture at Temple though. The university and community work hard to keep everyone safe as students are out till the late hours of the night. We all look out for each other; safety comes first in the Temple community and is something that all students hold of high importance.  

Many clubs on campus have similar traditions, like showcases, fundraisers, or team-building events. For example, the K-Pop club holds a Halloween showcase where anyone in the club can sign up to perform, but many others have activities as well. It has become something that even professors acknowledge as a valuable time for students to enjoy their school life.  

There are so many great opportunities for a great Halloween from organizations on campus that I know I’m not alone in saying I’m already counting down the days until the next Halloweekend.  

Pro tip: one of the best parts of Halloween is the discounted candy that comes the day after Halloween. Whether it be chocolate pumpkins or gummy skeletons, everything is significantly cheaper and way more exciting than it was before.  

Although the weekend was short, it brought a lot of joy to students who are normally buckled down studying for exams and papers. It’s a pleasant break where everyone can let loose, have a good time with their friends, and participate in club activities.  

Halloweekend may be over, but at least all pumpkin-flavored things will still reign supreme this month. From Richie’s pumpkin scones to Starbucks’s pumpkin spice latte, and Saxby’s pumpkin muffins, the options are endless.  

I’ve enjoyed Halloween since my first time experiencing it in my sophomore year. We all need a little fun now and then, and what better to do than to get dressed up? If my experiences have taught me anything, I’ve learned that Halloweekend is important to the Temple culture, and I hope to see it continue with a warm welcome every year.  

Catie Lane

Temple '24

My name is Catie Lane and I am a senior writer for the Campus Life and News section for Her Campus Temple Chapter. This includes events, activities, organizations and any events that involve what is happening on cm campus. Any news that occurs around the community and that involves my university and the surrounding area. Beyond Her Campus I have had the opportunity to work with the Philadelphia's Mayor's Office of Communications as a PR and Communications intern. Here I wrote posts, articles, press releases, and newsletters. I also worked to plan events such as press meetings, conferences, and workgroups. I also have had the wonderful opportunity to work as the Philanthropy Day Chair for my sorority Alpha Xi Delta, work on the PR and merchandising team for Temple E-sports, and work with Web and Podcasts for Temple Universities radio station WHIP. In my free time I love to read books of all genres, trying out new fashion trends, traveling, dancing and indulging in different styles of music. I love spending time with my cat and binge watching the latest show releases and movies.