Girl In The Road Winter

Goodbye classic winter : a letter to global warming

Today I am going to make a “retro” move and write a letter to global warming.

I am enraged to my core that global warming has kept me from wearing my classic layered winter looks. My boots are collecting dust and my heavy sweaters seem to have never been unpacked. I haven’t seen one day with a blanket of fresh, white snow perfect for a beautiful winter picture in Philly. Where are my snow days? Where are the days where I get to bask in the wonderful fact that I do not have to worry about a summer body for a couple of months?

I know this issue goes beyond clothes and winter pictures, with the declining bee population, melting ice, extreme weather and so on. But these are the little impacts global warming has had on my classic winter. Gone are the days of a winter wonderland with hot cocoa and a fireside chat. Here are the days of wondering what clothes to wear in the frigid mornings that I won’t be too hot in when the temperature almost reaches 70 later on in the day in February.

So yes, I am mad. Global warming, you need to be sent a message.

Dear Global Warming,

My patience is wearing thin when it comes to how you affect my life and those around me. Where are my snow days where I get to be stuck inside binge-watching shows while sitting in my pajamas? I used to hear my friends talk about how even they got to have snow days in college, so where are mine? Where is the snow that looks gross on the side of the street but beautiful in my pictures? Why has National Geographic reported that the Glacier National Park set in place by President Taft in 1910 has gone from having 150 glaciers to now less than 30? I have so many questions, Global Warming, and you have yet to respond.

Also, what happened to letting me wear layers? I wake up to freezing temperatures and wind that could knock me over. Then, not even a few hours later I am having a heat stroke because the sun is out and the temperature is about to reach 70. I used to love having a t-shirt and sweater look, or a cute top and cardigan look with a heavier jacket on top! I liked being able to hide under some cute layers while not having to worry about my summer body. So, why rip this all away from me? I am just trying to look cute while staying warm. I have all these winter clothes that I have accumulated and you’re making me feel wasteful. You need to check yourself, because the NOAA reported 2019 as being the second warmest year on record. Do not take my winter fashion looks away from me, Global Warming.

All I have to say is that you need to get people to help you change! You’ve made your point with the drastic shifts in our ecosystems and environment. I hear you! I, unlike some people, recognize your existence. If that is all you need, then let’s get going. I will be by your side, push politicians to make change, and you can give me back my sweater weather.

I will show you humanity can change, so that you can give me my classic winter.