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As many of us know, having to deal with shaving our vaginas down there can be a hassle. We all know the constant pain of worrying about razor bumps or that burning itch after the hair is gone. It's completely understandable for many of us to have different experiences when it comes to shaving. Of course, using the right shaving cream and using the razor properly can be a big help. When it comes to waxing as another method, that could be the best choice for many as well!

As a person who has done both methods, I've found waxing to be the best choice for me! However, there are so many things I didn’t realize about waxing itself that I should've learned before. I want to inform anyone who wants to try it and is unsure about this whole process! When it comes to getting waxed, you have to understand that it will involve some pain. If you have a low tolerance to pain, then this method might not be for you. The consultants put warm wax on your area that hardens after a few seconds, and they gently rip off the wax fast to avoid prolonged pain. There are people who have their own licenses to prepare for these consultations, and big businesses like European Wax Center who also offer appointments. 

When you’re going for the first time to an actual waxing center, the consultants are usually very professional and help you understand everything you need to know about waxing. It’s really important because it can be a lot to take in at one time. Just making sure you feel comfortable is all that matters throughout the process! Of course, having your area waxed to your satisfaction is good too. A few things to consider before going into your appointment are having the hair on your vagina trimmed a bit so it won’t hurt as much when they wax. Try to be open with your consultant about how you're feeling or something you explicitly want done. There are also different ways to wax your vagina as well. The most common one to do is Brazilian, which takes off all the hair on the vagina and a butt strip. Another common one is a bikini wax, which takes away the front area of your bikini line and the bottom area. There are so many other options to choose from, but it’s all up to your preference. Along with the different waxes, there comes a price to think about. If you want to go to the European Wax Center, a full Brazilian will cost around 60 dollars, and for a bikini wax, it could be 48 dollars. The European Wax Center is all about hygiene and following certain guidelines around Covid. So when you go, you can get waxed while also feeling as safe and comfortable as possible.

Waxing is definitely worth the try, especially because you won't have to worry about the hair growing back within a few days. Since the wax is pulling the hair follicles out, the hair usually doesn't start growing back for another two weeks. Give it a shot, and don't be afraid to reach out to a professional consultant if you're still unsure. Check out the European Wax Center’s website for more info!

I’m Taylor Carmichael and I’m an Senior Journalism Major at Temple University. I’m all about happiness and living life to the absolute fullest. I enjoy dressing out of my comfort zone and taking tons of cute photos. If I’m not sticking my head in the books I’m enjoying time with my friends and going on memorable adventures. I’m outgoing, love to make people laugh and just having a good time.
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