Game Of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 1 Review

You’ve been warned.

After a long year and a half, Game of Thrones is finally back for its 8th and final season. The first of 6 episodes premiered on April 14th and boy, was I excited.

It’s been practically 2 years and it didn’t feel like it, but at the same time it did, you know? And in my humble opinion, this episode was definitely worth the wait. So, let’s dive right into the episode.

So last season we left off with Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen leaving their meeting with Cersei Lannister and her company discussing the war to come with the white walkers.

So fresh off their love boat, the pair and Dany’s army head to Winterfell to help man the north from the white walkers who had just breached the wall last season.

See, this episode is special because it’s almost an exact mirror to the season 1 pilot episode. It’s complete with call backs to certain scenes but with different characters; even down to the music. In a sense, this episode is mainly used for reunion and plot setting because of the limited amount of episodes this season has (only 6).

This means that literally every character that we’ve seen in the show thus far has made it to the beginning of the end together in one place.

The reunions were so sweet, I almost cried at the Stark Family reunions. Literally every character met up again and it was the best thing ever. Cute reunions aside, the main problem now is: what are they gonna do about the white walkers who are on the way?

It would seem like everyone wants to work together, but because the north has been through SO much, they don’t trust Dany. At all. The shade in this episode was there.

And with all the shade came the mistrust. There’s mistrust for Dany (because she’s a Targaryen and a foreigner kind of), mistrust for Tyrion because he claims that the Lannister army is coming to help (spoiler alert: probably not), and slight mistrust for Jon because he bent the knee to Dany and surrendered the North to her, which in turn, does not bode well with people close to Jon.

This episode also leads up to a HUGE realization to be finally said.

Fans of the series are familiar with the theory of Jon Snow’s true parentage and the truth has finally come to light within the last seasons. In this episode, Jon Snow finally finds out about his true parentage; his father is Rhaegar Targaryen (yes, its Dany’s older brother) and Lyanna Stark. Which makes him heir to the entire 7 kingdoms. 

That bombshell rounds out the episode along with the knowledge that the Night King and his army have moved further south towards Winterfell, stopping off at Last hearth taking out most of its reinforcements. That means we’re in danger, girl.

Also, Bran was being weird the entire episode but it paid off with the funniest moment in the entire episode. The reunion between Bran Stark and Jamie Lannister was always going to happen, but it was just so funny how it happened. Check out some of the memes, trust me.

This season of Game Of Thrones will be bittersweet because we’ve spent so much time with all these characters and now it’s finally time to say goodbye.

It’s going to be hard, but we’ll get through it together. There are only 5 episodes left until the bitter end. Be prepared, because the night is dark and full of terrors.